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Overnight Ayahuasca Ceremony CT

August 19, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - August 20, 2023 @ 9:00 am

 Overnight Ayahuasca Ceremony (CT)
DATE: August 19th  (Saturday)
TIME: 17.00- till 9 am the following morning
VENUE: Sacred Valley House, Hout Bay
BOOK: info@wakecircle.com

This Overnight Ayahuasca ceremony has become a powerful space for doing deep medicine work over one night. There is no mistaking the transformative and healing power of this sacred plant teacher Ayahuasca to open our hearts and minds but what makes these ceremonies truly unique apart from the rituals and healing medicine music is the loving space we create together and the way we bring our journey to completion.


We arrive in the ceremony space in the late afternoon and create our sacred container to journey in. Once we drink in the Ayahuasca the journey itself lasts about 4-6 hours. After our ceremony, we share a delicious meal and conversation together around a fire if the venue has this feature available. We then sleep in the ceremony space and conclude our process in the morning with a Tiger Hymn physical breathwork and body integration session, followed by a sharing and integration talk. The overall experience is designed to give you many opportunities for life-changing breakthroughs and realisations. Your process will always be guided and held by highly experienced and loving facilitation. We have guided countless participants over the years to what we call nature’s soul. You then get to start your day invigorated and refreshed. The event is regularly held in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town throughout the year. Places are limited so early booking is essential.


You will need to bring:
1. Camping mattress: Be comfortable to sleep the night through.
2. Warm bedding, pillow
3. A bucket
4. Eye mask for breath work session
5. A journal for your thoughts and process.
6. A water bottle & tissues.
7. Earplugs

Preparation and dieta details will be provided in the booking info that you will receive when applying for a space. We also offer a free preparation coaching session for first-timers of this experience. We have guided thousands of souls in the beautiful experience so we look forward to holding space for you should you join.


Hymnj (Heinrich Reisenhofer) is the founder of Wake Circle. A spiritual teacher, shamanic facilitator and medicine singer with an exquisite healing voice, his unique medicine music style has evolved over many years of facilitating shamanic ceremonies. He is a father, leader and healer of the divine masculine energy. Having walked an earlier life path as an award-winning theatre director, he has since committed his energy to engender transformation through the healing power of shamanic plant medicines, story-healing and sacred medicine music, guiding people back into connection with their higher power and greater purpose.


Nathan Raaths is the co-founder of Wake Circle and the original founder of the well-known Madhatters medicine community. He is an outspoken and controversial legend in South Africa’s plant medicine community and has been running ceremonies and empowering facilitators successfully for the better part of a decade. Nathan is a prodigious spiritual teacher and black belt jujitsu instructor who has walked a profound shamanic path of facing illness, madness and trauma through which he has garnered profound insight, humility and open-heartedness: he is a true warrior of the heart. When you are facing your darkest moment, whether it is fear, anxiety or the overwhelm of an over-active mind, this is the facilitator you want holding your hand. He has successfully guided hundreds of people in facing their depression, addiction and disorders and has changed countless lives, empowering people to find their purpose, love and peace.





August 19, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
August 20, 2023 @ 9:00 am


Hout Bay



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