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Overnight Madre Ayahuasca Ceremony JHB

November 17, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

Madre Ayahuasca- Overnight  Ceremony (JHB)
November  17th (Friday)
TIME: 18.00 to start
VENUE: Namaskar Wellness Centre
EXCHANGE: R2600 pp
BOOK: info@wakecircle.com

Facilitated by Nathan Raath

The Vine of the Heart Ayahuasca ceremony is an immersive journey, a profound odyssey that unfolds over a single night. Beyond any doubt, the potent and transformative essence of the sacred plant teacher Ayahuasca is unmistakable, unlocking the chambers of our hearts and the expanses of our minds. Yet, what sets these ceremonies apart, transcending mere rituals and the healing embrace of medicinal melodies, is the nurturing cocoon of love that we collectively weave and the remarkable way we bring our odyssey to its culmination.

As twilight descends, we converge within the sacred ceremony space, forging a hallowed vessel for our exploration. With the elixir of Ayahuasca coursing through our veins, the journey unfurls, stretching across 4-6 profound hours. After our voyage, we unite over a grounding and nutritious meal and engaging conversations, often beside the warm embrace of a flickering fire if the venue allows. We then slumber within the sacred confines of the ceremony space, concluding our journey as the morning sun emerges. A rejuvenating physical breath-work and body integration session beckons, followed by a closing ritual of sharing with a sacred talking stick. This meticulously crafted experience presents countless opportunities for life-altering revelations and transformative breakthroughs. Throughout this voyage, you are lovingly guided and supported by seasoned facilitators who have led countless souls to what we call nature’s very essence. And as the new day beckons, you emerge invigorated and refreshed, ready to embrace the world anew.



You will need to bring: 

1. Camping mattress: Be comfortable to sleep the night through.
2. Warm bedding, pillow
3. A bucket
4. Eye mask for breath work session
5. A journal for your thoughts and process.
6. A water bottle & tissues.
7. Ear plugs

Ceremony Facilitator

Nathan Raaths is the co-founder of Wake Circle and the original founder of the well-known Madhatters medicine community. He is an outspoken and controversial legend in South Africa’s plant medicine community and has been running ceremonies and empowering facilitators successfully for over a decade. Nathan is a prodigious spiritual teacher and black belt jujitsu instructor who has walked a profound shamanic path of facing illness, madness and trauma through which he has garnered profound insight, humility and open-heartedness: he is a true warrior of the heart. When you are facing your darkest moment, whether it is fear, anxiety or the overwhelm of an over-active mind, this is the facilitator you want holding your hand. He has successfully guided hundreds of people in facing their depression, addiction and disorders and has changed countless lives, empowering people to find their purpose, love and peace.

Wake Circle is a contemporary shamanic community committed to nurturing incluisive sacred spaces that transcend dogma and ideology. This commitment has fostered a distinctive environment where individuals from diverse beliefs and backgrounds can gather to heal and rediscover their higher connection and wisdom. Over the years, we have been privileged to welcome participants from across the world, drawn to South Africa to partake in our transformative ceremonies and events. The African landscape, inherently rich in spiritual essence, serves as fertile ground for profoundly robust personal growth. As a result, Wake Circle is steadily growing into a globally recognized and all-embracing healing community.

Increasingly, more individuals are heeding the call of Mother Earth and her plant-based healing guides, liberating themselves from the confines of this conventional world. There is a palpable shift and awakening within our hearts, leading many of us in search of an authentic community of kindred spirits pursuing a similar path in life. We are a rising global tribe, rediscovering our ancient wisdom and ascending together. If this resonates with you, we eagerly look forward to hearing from you soon.



November 17, 2023
6:00 pm


Nathan Raaths

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