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Tree of Life: Egyptian Ayahuasca Ceremony

September 9, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - September 10, 2023 @ 9:00 am



Tree of Life: Ancient Egyptian Ayahuasca Ceremony

Acacia/Syrian Rue/Blue Lotus: Ancient Egyptian Elixer

Facilitators: Hymnj, Nathan Raaths, Phillippa Schmulian, Mariam Khadiga (Egypt)

Venue: Bakoven (Cape Town)

Date: 9th September  5pm Start.


This is a unique ceremony experience of the Ancient Egyptian version of Ayahuasca held in the Wake Circle tradition. On special occasions, when available, we bring in unique and special plants that are different from the sacraments we usually serve. These speciality ceremonies are specifically tailored for experienced travellers wanting to explore deeper into different entheogenic realms. The medicine we will be working with is the powerful combination of Acacia root bark and Syrian Rue where we will be collaborating and holding space with Phillippa Schmulian and Mariam Khadiga of Magic Magickal Gem who will be invoking the ancient Egyptian portals of wisdom and healing.


The sacramental brew that we will be using in this ceremony has an incredible history in religions and mystic schools. With many breakthroughs in the sciences that explore our ancient past, we now know that DMT was also used in Ancient Egypt. Although the plants used to produce ayahuasca are not native to Egypt, DMT-containing plants can be found all over the world. The Acacia bush is one such plant that is well known throughout Egypt as the Tree of Life. The plant has an incredible history and is considered sacred in Judeo-Christian and Ancient Greek history. The legend says that when Acacia talks to you, it never lies.

In Egyptian hieroglyphs, it is the “Eye of Rah.” This drawing is very similar to a transversal cut of the pineal gland, which is also known as the Third Eye. This is thought by many to be responsible for dreams, the meditative state and even near-death experiences. Looking back on ancient Hindu artwork, there are many commonalities with modern psychedelic art. DMT is considered to have been responsible for this as there are also many DMT-containing plants found in India. The same can be said for a lot of the breathtaking art found in mosques in Iran. Acacia trees grow all over the Nile area of Egypt and so do Syrian Rue plants, so the materials for creating a DMT/Harmala combination would have been very easy for anyone who knew about plant chemistry and extraction. Acacia was revered as very holy in Ancient Egypt and is revered in the Holy Bible and Torah and Talmud. The Ark of the Covenant was built from Acacia wood, and then covered in Gold. The Ark of King Tut was also made from Acacia and would have been identical to the Covenant Ark, except it was not covered or plated in Gold.




Hymnj is the founder of Wake Circle. A spiritual teacher, shamanic facilitator and medicine singer with an exquisite healing voice, his unique medicine music style has evolved over many years of facilitating shamanic ceremonies. He is a father, leader and healer of the divine masculine energy. Having walked an earlier life path as an award-winning theatre director, he has since committed his energy to engender transformation through the healing power of shamanic plant medicines, story-healing and sacred medicine music, guiding people back into connection with their higher power and greater purpose.


Nathan Raaths is the co-founder of Wake Circle and the original founder of the well-known Madhatters medicine community. A legend in South Africa’s plant medicine community, he has been running ceremonies and empowering facilitators successfully for more than a decade. Nathan is a prodigious spiritual teacher and black belt jujitsu instructor who has walked a profound shamanic path of facing illness, madness and trauma through which he has garnered profound insight, humility and open-heartedness: he is a true warrior of the heart. When you are facing your darkest moment, whether it is fear, anxiety or the overwhelm of an over-active mind, this is the facilitator you want holding your hand. He has successfully guided hundreds of people in facing their depression, addiction and disorders and has changed countless lives, empowering people to find their purpose, love and peace


Phillippa Schmulian is the owner and founder of Magickal Gem (a trusted Esoteric shop in Observatory, Cape Town); Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Soul Plan Reader, Ceremonial Magician and facilitator of plant medicine ceremonies in South Africa and Egypt. She has studied; Metaphysics, 400 hour Yoga Teachers Training, Psychic Development, Energy and Space Clearing, Hypnosis Master training, Reiki Masters and Soul Plan.

“I believe in ceremonial and ritual work as it has been used as a rite of passage for ages. It helps people create a milestone and a commitment back to living at their highest potential while finding a connection with something greater.”

Mariam Khadiga grew up in Egypt. She attained her Master in Psychology in Germany in 2009. She is a Reiki, ReHuTek (Kemetic Energy Healing) and Access Bars Facilitator. She is also a Breathwork Coach (Breathwork Africa Foundation) and Meditation Coach, trained in Active Consciousness Meditation by Master Punnu Wasu (200 hours). Mariam’s passion is in combining the different modalities to facilitate Kemetic Tree of Life Activations. She also guides spiritual tours on the Initiatic path along the Nile in Egypt.










Watch a short Documentary about the role that Acacia/Syrian Tree of Life Medicine played in Ancient Egypt/ Ancient Greece and even the Bible




September 9, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
September 10, 2023 @ 9:00 am

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