Our Offerings

We host a range of powerful shamanic circles including plant medicine ceremonies, breath-work sessions, song circles, transformation workshops and conscious social events. Our intention is to facilitate spaces where each participant can achieve ecstatic states of transformation utilising shamanic tools and where they can experience the support of a like-minded community in their integration and embodiment journey.

While we do specialise in holding ceremonies with some of the most potent plant medicines in the world, our teaching and practice is specifically focused around the  sacred art of holding space in circle. We believe that, in a conscious and safely held container, that regardless of the medicine used each person has the innate and sovereign capacity to find their own way back to wellness, personal freedom and Oneness. Our work is essentially to facilitate the process of self and communal realisation through the journey work of sacred initiation.

Wake Circle

Wake Circle Weekend Retreats are the most powerful programs we have on offer, providing a fully immersive experience with plant medicines and shamanic transformational tools for the purpose of healing and awakening. They take place out of the city on guest/medicine farms close to nature where participants can safely delve deeply within themselves to do their inner work and unfold their explorations.

 The New Tribe, Old Eyes African  Retreat is our flag ship event for Wake Circle, and is a program that has undergone almost a decade of evolution and refinement. This is an intensive 3-day Ayahuasca/San Pedro weekend followed by an 18-day micro-dosing integration and transformation journey which is a profound reboot and rebirth for your being and soul. We highly recommend the retreat format particularly to first timers of sacred plant medicine as it is the optimal environment to have a deeply transformative and life changing experience.  

Wake Circle
Medicine Ceremony

Wake Circle single plant-medicine ceremonies either take the form of an overnight, day or a session ceremony. These are powerful group ceremonial programs with between 8 and 16 participants that we host in the main city centres Cape Town, Joburg or Durban. These ceremonies are best suited for people wanting a short but intensive plant-medicine experience in a powerfully held setting.

-Vine of the Heart-
Overnight Ayahuasca Ceremony

 This is an potent healing journey with the mother of all plant medicine teachers Madre Ayahuasca that sees us into the new morning with a powerful breath-work and body integration session. It is our most popular ceremony and is hosted monthly in Cape Town and less frequently in Joburg and Durban. Make sure you book early as spaces are always limited. 

-The Velada- Overnight Psilocybin ceremony

This is a magical space to do healing and exploration work with the most popular of all psychedelic medicines, Psilocybin, otherwise known as magic mushrooms in the very unique and sacred Wake Circle ceremony container. 

-The Oracles Eyes-
Sacred Changa and Sananga ceremony

This is the shortest medicine ceremonies we host being only a two hour long session. Its duration however is not to be mistaken for its intensity and effectiveness in generating a potentially profound life altering experience. Changa as a medicine offers a profound meeting with the spirit molecule DMT.

-The Tree Of Life Ceremony-
Overnight Egyptian Acacia ceremony

This is a new offering that is part of our speciality ceremonies where we work with unique and rare plant-medicines. These medicines allow us to focus on specialised areas of healing and awakening such as dealing with shamanic initiations, romantic or family relationships, addiction, generational or personal trauma, or connecting to ancestors and guides.

The Egyptian sacrament was known as ” Tree of Life Elixir”  is made of completely different African plants to South American Ayahuasca yet it still works with the exact same mechanisms. It is extremely well documented scientifically and is considered to be of a higher vibration in its activation.


-Guest Facilitator Ceremonies-
Various Medicines

 As we expand and network into various global shamanic community we will host once-off collaborations with visiting shamanic medicine facilitators.  This is an opportunity to delve into the healing powers of other powerful medicines such as Kambo, Bufo and Iboga and to experience the healing styles of other practitioners whose work we respect and hold in esteem.

Wake Circle
Private Ceremonies

Private medicine ceremonies are for those who wish to experience a powerfully guided sacred plant medicine experience in a confidential and impeccably held setting. Whether your quest is for specialised healing with a particular shamanic facilitator or simply to have the security and peace of mind that privacy can offer – this is your dedicated ceremony. These ceremonies either take place at our private temple facility in Cape Town or at an appropriate venue of your choosing. Private ceremonies are designed for singles and couples but can also be facilitated for intimate groups.

Wake Circle
Medicine-free Shamanic Ceremonies

Our medicine-free ceremony offerings are for those who wish to adventure into the dynamic world of shamanic healing and exploration but for various reason are not wanting to partake in intensive plant-medicine work or psychedelics. What we discover is that there are many other powerful ways to enter into altered states and to connect as a community. These offerings includes breath-work and primal singing.

The Tiger Hymn Sound and Breath-Work Odyssey

The Tiger Hymn sacred Sound and Breath Odyssey is an extraordinary one/two hour shamanic experience facilitated by Hymnj that features a unique combination of  breath-work, sound journey meditation and guided sacred singing weaved into a powerful journey that best described as an healing odyssey of sound and emotion. Of all our program offerings  it is the most potent shamanic journey you can have without the use of any plant medicine.

Wake Circle
Courses, Workshops, Coaching , Talking Circles & Micro-dosing.

At Wake Circle a significant part of our focus is on healing, integration and embodiment which happens after the ceremony. Shamanic tools such as plant medicines allows us to see and feel what is possible in the expressions of our reality but the process of unfolding thattransformation into our practical lives requires guidance, structure and daily practise. We offer a powerful access to the unfolding and acceleration this process through the various courses, workshops, circles, micro-dosing programs and coaching sessions.

Courses & Workshops

As the medicines open us up to the possibility of living an extraordinary life many of us receive the ‘callings’ to unfold a greater shamanic spiritual journey of becoming. At Wake Circle we have developed Courses and Workshops that will allow you to unfold and deepen your process through further training and deeper healing. This is called  ‘doing the work’. In part this work is about healing ourselves, facing and integrating our shadows, learning how to regulate our vibrations and nervous systems. The second part is about understanding  the deeper purpose of our existence and then learning to harness the powers of our creative and regenerative capacities so that we may be a genuine contribution to the world around us. This leads us on the medicine path of serving, holding space and serving others. Our greater vision is to create Wake as a space that provides reputable training and initiations for contemporary shamanic facilitators of a New Earth. 

Private Coaching

Booking a package of coaching sessions before and after your shamanic ceremony is one of the most powerful advantages you can give yourself to get the maximum value out of your shamanic ceremony experience. These coaching and healing sessions are intuitively guided by the teachings of the four eternal shamanic but are also powerfully combined with transformational and therapeutic modalities. At Wake Circle we will only refer coaches, healers or therapists that we have built  a trusted relationship with and who adhere to the standards and ethics of our tribes agreements.

Talking Circles

Talking Circles have been used in all indigenous cultures since ancient times. A very respected Yupik elder and healer once said that “Unless we unburden our hearts, we cannot think clearly.” A Talking Circle is not a counselling session but rather a collective processing, support and expansion space guided by an experienced facilitator. Each circle is focused around a theme such as Integration, Woman’s Issues, Mens Issues, Addiction etc. We offer these circle as a space of safety to give anyone an opportunity to speak what is in their hearts and/or on their minds. 


Micro-dosing Programs

Micro-dosing is the well known practice of taking tiny amounts of the plant medicine daily to keep the inner sacred ‘whisper’ alive and to build new neural pathways and habits. Part of our integration offering is the sale of   micro-dosing kits and providing support groups and programes to guide and assist you with your micro-dosing process and journey.  

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One Circle, Four Shamanic Directions, Twelve Sacred Agreements

We are contemporary shamanic facilitators practicing the powerful transformational modality of holding space, container work and altered state navigation. Our sessions are neither psychological in nature nor are they a substitute for any kind of medical diagnosis, therapy or treatment. Please seek the advice of your doctor or qualified health practitioner if you have any medical or psychological concerns or conditions before attending our sessions.