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Thank you so much for your participation in Wake Circle. 
We deeply appreciate your time, your energy and your trust in allowing us to hold the sacred space of your journey. As you may recall yourself the first time approaching shamanic work and especially a plant medicine ceremony can be quite scary. It was most likely the shares of a few other people that inspired you to make the jump into the unknown. So we would really appreciate a short share or testimonial of your experience for our website. It can be short or long, you can leave your own name or use a pseudonym and you can leave a profile picture or use an avatar; which ever you prefer. The most important thing is that you share your experience vulnerably, authentically and from the heart. You can use these three questions to guide you: Why did you participate? What were the main aspects of your process? What did you get out of it? You are welcome to also speak about the medicine as well as the facilitation process. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. The spread of this work is only made possible by your sharing and word of mouth. We look forward to seeing you at the next Wake Circle event. Haux Haux, Aho, Camagu! 

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One Circle, Four Shamanic Directions, Twelve Sacred Agreements

We are contemporary shamanic facilitators practicing the powerful transformational modality of holding space, container work and altered state navigation. Our sessions are neither psychological in nature nor are they a substitute for any kind of medical diagnosis, therapy or treatment. Please seek the advice of your doctor or qualified health practitioner if you have any medical or psychological concerns or conditions before attending our sessions.