A special kind of peace
It felt like I knew the other people attending the weekend from a long time ago. No one felt like strangers. I felt at home 🙂 I could take the time to dig deep, to search my past for possible untreated wounds and then by the next medication session I received the healing already. I got to the solutions right as I uncovered the issues. I am not sure how I managed to experience all of that in only two days, it still baffles me. It felt like two weeks rather. I love it! I got the help I needed and it happened at such a pace that I had the time to go deeper. I got to confront things about myself which I forgot about. Ancient little traumas that hindered my ability to breathe and love and receive love freely. I was made aware of how certain childhood events still played a role in my life - while I thought they were not relevant anymore. Tiny things that still influenced my life after all these years - it all got dissolved and it feels great! The group was holding space in such a way that the sharing of my life's stories could happen naturally. The music is divine! Meaningful, powerful, beautiful and I still sing along as it radiates with love and carries the same feelings back to me in my every day. I often wake up with one of the melodies in the morning. I got diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder while I was studying medicine. Today, 15 years later, I finally found the medicine that works for me: Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Sananga, Rapé, Acacia/Syrian Tree of Life and the 'open heart, open mind' sharing of feelings in a safe space held securely in love. The facilitators helped me to find a special kind of peace, a place I can now return to when I feel the need. Last night I slept like a dream. I am sketching again and the flow is natural, now I am excited to finish all of my art from the past 20 years, I already started! Thank you Wake Circle!

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We are contemporary shamanic facilitators practicing the powerful transformational modality of holding space, container work and altered state navigation. Our sessions are neither psychological in nature nor are they a substitute for any kind of medical diagnosis, therapy or treatment. Please seek the advice of your doctor or qualified health practitioner if you have any medical or psychological concerns or conditions before attending our sessions.