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A spiritual hermitage in green valleys of the mountains where you can see millions of stars at night.

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In my honest experience, I’d made the decision a long time ago that I would only ever do an ayahuasca journey in the Amazon, because I did not think I could trust anyone outside the original lineage to hold such an intense and vulnerable space.
I’d felt an extremely strong calling to the medicine at this particular time in my life, though, and knew my only option was to do it here. I was led to Wake Circle, and I can honestly say that Hymnj and Nathan are both such extraordinary facilitators. During ceremony, it’s undoubtable that they not only know exactly what they’re doing holding the space and making you feel absolutely safe and comfortable, but also guiding you into such deep and powerful states.
It truly is music that moves the medicine through your consciousness and body, and both Nathan and Hymnj invoke such a depth to the entire medicine journey with their songs and music. Hymnj’s music took me to vulnerable, magical and emotional spaces and Nathan took the entire journey to raw intensities like nothing I have ever experienced.

I cannot forget my heartfelt gratitude to Madre Ayahuasca for all the healing she’s graciously given me. It’s been a few weeks since my ceremony and the healing and bliss is still unfolding in each moment. I have never felt clearer or closer to myself. I feel like I know my own heart, mind and body in a way I’ve never known them before. Padre San Pedro allowed me to release and let go of years of stored emotions and trauma in a way I could viscerally feel, and it was an unmistakable knowing that I’d just released what I needed to, to completely reframe my life.

I was in a space in my life where I felt so stagnant and like nothing could bring back my spark. After the medicine journey, I feel a renewed sense of hope and commitment to myself. I feel like I am actually able to do the small things, day by day that are going to make a difference in my life and I can actually clearly see how these things are changing my life, day by day.

Above all, having a community to come to and be witnessed by and to go through this journey with, is by far the best part about the process. It is so incredibly healing and I would highly highly assure anyone that is considering taking the leap, that they are in such safe hands with the Wake Circle team.

I am so grateful for everything this journey has brought me.

Haux Huax

Incredibly held space


They made me feel really safe and allowed me to search my soul, probably the most life transforming experience I have ever had


The best gift I could ever have given myself certainly will be doing it again


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One Circle, Four Shamanic Directions, Twelve Sacred Agreements

We are contemporary shamanic facilitators practicing the powerful transformational modality of holding space, container work and altered state navigation. Our sessions are neither psychological in nature nor are they a substitute for any kind of medical diagnosis, therapy or treatment. Please seek the advice of your doctor or qualified health practitioner if you have any medical or psychological concerns or conditions before attending our sessions.