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Wake Origins

The vision for Wake Circle was birthed many years back through a deep heart & mind connection of my brother and I, and the medicine fires that we tended together over the years we received the same visions to build a contemporary shamanic medicine space without doctrine that was accessible to all seekers of spirit to be able to see eye to eye and to hold space for our personal and collective transformation. The journey of Wake Circle has since been a hands-on education of understanding what it actually takes to hold the space of an integrated spiritual community: one where we can cherish each others individual uniqueness whilst upholding the integrity of the collective container. I have since taken the reins of Wake Circle with the intention of making this space an impeccable resource for conscious community building, powerful medicine ceremonies and facilitator training and mentorship. This is not about chasing any kind of spiritual perfection or attainment but rather being powerfully in the game of life. If you are looking for a tribe of wholehearted, compassionate and committed souls following their calling and doing their own work for a conscious and awakened world, we welcome you to join us.

Open Heart, Open Mind

Wake Circle Facilitation

Over the years we have had the blessed opportunity of working with an eclectic mix of extraordinary shamanic facilitators from all over the world; each have added to the tapestry of our identity and the evolution of our practice. For every ceremony we call in a unique support team of facilitators. Each beautiful facilitator in Wake Circle has developed their own medicine practice through a cross-pollination of teachings and influences drawing on various shamanic lineages, religious and healing practices from around the world. Our team consists of facilitators both highly experienced in years as well as young, passionate and gifted. What unites these various skills in our ceremony facilitation process is the unique and sacred practice of holding space that we have diligently crafted over almost a decade of running ceremonies. We believe that when held in a powerful container of presence, safety and compassion that every human being fundamentally knows how to align, heal and reconnect with their higher selves.

Wake Circle Facilitators
Wake Circle Facilitators
Wake Circle
Our Twelve Guiding Principles

From the first four ancient shamans to ever walk the earth: the Oracle, the Healer, the Custodian and the Weaver emerges twelve principles that guide our circles, defines our practice of holding space and is the foundation upon which we grow our community. These are neither rules nor commandments but rather guiding spiritual principles and teachings that have been distilled from the insights channelled through our medicine circles as well from teachers that have impacted our work.

We give thanks to the Oracle who opens our eyes of cosmic understanding, intuition and purpose.
We give thanks to the Healer who guides us to restore authentic wholeness and presence.
We give thanks to the Custodian who teaches us how to honour all our relationships powerfully and to flow with Natures soul.
We give thanks to the Weaver who empowers us in our Greatness in manifesting the world we wish to create.



“We all share the same divine mother”

The Custodian Shaman calls on us to revere Mother Earth once more as our central living deity, we endeavour to walk gently upon her with each step, caring for the land, waters and skies seeking to honour our kinship with All Our Relations ~ the various human tribes, animals; insects; birds, fish trees and plant kingdom. Through our circles we commune with our Mothers medicines to heal our maladies and to restore our harmonic relationship with her rhythms, seasons and tides. The great calling is to return once more to natures soul and rekindle our indigenous connection to the land that we walk upon. 




“One Love.”

The Oracle Shaman tells us that Great Spirit does not make preferences so if we truly wish to pray powerfully, we must to learn to pray together in all tongues for the greater good of all. The universal shamanic tools for divine connection, healing and transformation belongs to all who seek it. We create Wake Circle as an inclusive space for people of differing orientations and backgrounds to come together to practice direct connection, healing and prayer. We stand for each persons divine right to cultivate their own direct relationship and practice with their higher power however they wish to define it or perceive it as long as it does not interfere or infringe on anyone else’s space.  While we all share one Mother, we acknowledge that we have different fathers.  

The Oracle teaches us to appreciate and respect the diversity of the human experience and multi-dimensionality of truth in a way that is empowering and generative. What emerges in our circle therefore is a naturally felt sense of Universal Love, Oneness, connection and it is from this experience that we foster our community spirit and our activations for a New Earth.





“We are each called to walk our own heroes journey”

The Oracle Shaman hears and sees our soul’s true calling and knows that each of us has a divine purpose for our lives and an optimal path for the expression for our energy. Our soul path or mission is defined by the kind of world we are called to create and the activity or way we are called to do it. The Oracles tells us that the further we stray from our path the more resistance, suffering and disease we will experience, the closer we move to our path the more collaboration, synchronicity and satisfaction we will experience- this is our shamanic calling.  The Oracles tells us that our commitment and practice must be to discover and define what that path is for us, to listen to the eternal whispers of our guiding spirits and to bring our actions and focus in alignment with it so that we may realise and fulfil on our potential and greatness.  Our mission as a community is to support and empower each other in this quest




“What we are not transforming, we are transferring”

The Healer Shaman calls on us to commit to doing our inner work that we are being called to do. We understand the principle that whatever we are not transforming we are transferring, meaning that our unconscious behaviour patterns either stops with us or we pass it on to the next person and the next generation. The Healer shows us that an intrinsic part of our higher purpose is to heal ourselves and transmute our suffering and wounding no matter how it was handed to us; this includes family generational cycles,  personal or cultural traumas and other karmic repercussions. The Healer calls on us therefore to become masters in the divine art of forgiveness. Only when we do our inner shadow work will our light truly shine brighter to ignite the world around us. The Healer shows us that the medicine that ultimately heals us in our own lives is the medicine that we are meant to share with the world.

“I am picking up pieces of my soul, picking up pieces till I am  whole, one by one” 




“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu- I am because we are”

The Oracle Shaman opens our eyes to perceives the world as it really is and recognise that our reality is ultimately a multi-dimensional holographic mirror that is simply reflecting who we are and so teaches us to become the actual embodiment of the world we want to create. This teaching from the Oracle is about how we relate to ourselves through our relationship to the world around us. In our spiritual quest to become powerfully integrated beings we seek to embrace the universal dance of polarity in ourselves as it is reflected in world that is around us. The Oracle asked us to recognise that within each one of us is the entire universe, a magnificent dance of contrast: light and dark, masculine and feminine, creation and destruction, resistance and flow. This means that rather than seeking to suppress or deny any quality or aspect within ourselves and so project it on to others, we endeavour to own and integrate it instead as our spiritual practice.  

The Oracle therefore suggest that we would be better served to surrender limiting stories or beliefs there is any potentiality or force outside of us that is not already within us and as such we endeavour to surrender any limited perceptions of righteousness and separateness along with the implicit assertions of ‘us and them’, ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good’ and ‘evil’. As we open our minds and surrender our stories, our certainties and opinions,  we open our hearts to walk through this world with genuine compassion. Our practice is to master the dance of harmony, authenticity and empowering boundaries with all that is within us and then with all our relations. This is the dance of embodied choices.  We believe that only when we do this, can we actualise our potential and greatness to create the world we truly desire. The Oracles shows us that each and every one of us is simply trying to find our way back home to Oneness no matter how far we stray or how unconscious we may become. 

“We are all just waking each other home.” Ram Das





“When nothing is hidden and all is welcome then we can truly be in the Now”

The Healer Shaman teaches that the present moment is all these is and to recognise that the ultimate goal of our spiritual practice and our healing process is not any kind of mystical accession but rather to become fully present in our own physical experience and in our relationships with others. The present moment is where all the ecstatic magic is,  where well-being is, where connection and Love is and where Spirit is.  The Healer assists us in our endeavour to withdraw our energy from the disempowering stories and mind forms that keeps us trapped in the illusion of past and future. Likewise the Healer assists us to withdraw our energy from the concealed shadow’s and traumas that keeps us trapped in shame, guilt or resentment.

Our practice in Wake Circle is to offer all these impediments of presence to the fire of transmutation through our raw and authentic sharing. We believe that authenticity, disclosure and acknowledgement is what brings us to presence. When nothing is hidden and all is welcome, then we can truly be in the now. In our sacred circles we allow ourselves to be fully seen and present in our experience and we hold space in providing the safety for others to be fully seen and present in theirs. 

“True acceptance equals Presence”




“Revere the body and take care of it”

Just like the sacred earth we live on the Custodian Shaman wants us to recognise that our physical bodies are the living temples of our souls, the portals through which our souls expresses and experiences this physical time space reality. The relationship with our bodies is also our first and primary one and is indicative of our relationships with others. As part of our spiritual practice the Custodian teaches us how to honour our sacred vessel through various practices of well being such as acts of self-love, restorative nutrition and yogic practice. We believe a thriving heathy flowing body is required to be a channel for presence and ecstatic connection.

“We’re on assignment, bodies on consignment.” Nahko





“Consent is the energy of a collaborative Universe”

 The Custodian Shaman teaches us that Mother Nature has imbued each living being with the innate capacity for healing, wisdom, self-regulation and communal collaboration. The Custodian asks to cherish all that which is truly Wild, to encourage and respect this remaining capacity in all living beings. We therefore withdraw the urge to further interfere with, dominate, domesticate, manipulate or control which has come to define the patriarchal legacy of our civilised world. 

This teaching is the core essence of what the practice of holding space is all about: we believe in a container or circle  of safety and compassion that every individual fundamentally knows how to re-align, recalibrate, heal and reconnect to their divine intuition and truth. 

This principle and teaching is relevant on many levels of our human interaction and affects all areas of living from reproductive sovereignty,  the way we give birth, the way we parent, the way we relate to each others bodies and minds, the nature of sexual consent, the way we organise community and most especially the way we relate to other living creatures and nature. 

The Custodian asks that, as our ancient ancestors once did, that we seek permission and consent from all that we interact and transact with: the animals, the land, all sprits and with each other. We learn once more to hold space for each other and to respect our boundaries of self determination and choice. This particularly applies to our spiritual practice of holding space that we never insert our narrative, our predictions, our diagnosis or our energy into anyone else’s space without their expressed consent no matter how well meaning our intentions are. 






The Weaver Shaman invites us how to master our word in every aspect of our lives as our instrument of creation and manifestation. The integrity of our word is our energetic contract with ourselves, each other and with the universe.  Our words are literally spells that conjure our experience and our reality. In honouring our word we take full power and responsibility for our expression and the impact of what we create with our health, in our relationships and our environmentWe therefore seek to be impeccable with our agreements, our stories, our opinions, our thoughts, our gestures, our songs and our writing not just as a tool of communication but in how we keep it by matching our actions and results to it.

    Whether we share our word in speaking, singing or writing what we express out into the world is the power of creation, transformation and vibrational expression.





“Be the change you want to see”

 The powerful Weaver Shaman teaches us the universal principle that what we resist will persist, what we focus on and encourage will flourish and what is truly acknowledged will find completion of its own. The Weaver guides us in our practice to be powerful vibrational stand for what we want to create in the world and to practice dissolving the negatively charged mindset and the resistance paradigm that has characterised most endeavours of transformation and change in the world. Simply put, this honouring suggests that we do not seek to appose or be against anything. The Weaver shows us that human beings have never genuinely succeeded in creating peace, transformation or resolution by anything that we have declared war on, opposed or made wrong. This is the distinction between the use of power and the use of force; the Wake Circle ethos is distinctly about the practice of generative power.

The Weaver shows us that true power is when we can be the change, when we can master our own vibration as our point of creation to powerfully influence our environment through positive stand, encouragement, persistence and compassion. One of the fundamental practice of Holding space as such is about the ability to simply hold a condition or energetic environment so powerfully that all contradiction finds natural resolution: hate finds acceptance,   trauma/grief finds release, restlessness finds peace, the suppressed finds liberation and confusion finds understanding. This is the Wakers Way. 

“It is the task of the liberated person not to scold the world or preach to it, but to delight it back to its senses.” Alan Watts.





“We are the ones we have been waiting for”

The Weaver asks that we use our cultivated shamanic powers for the greater good of all: we must be sacred activists. The more powerful we become, the more capacity we have, the more devoted our service should be. It is our divine responsibility to be a stand for the transformation of humanity to bring forth a New Earth in whatever way we can. We surrender the notion that we can be of service to humanity or the earth simply in the endeavour of being harmless. We declare that we are responsible for the creation of our current world. Our inner work and Soul Path is incomplete without its activation into the outer world. Each of us has a medicine to share with world and it is our sacred duty to share our medicine with humanity.  





“Enlightenment is a Collective Endeavour.”

Our circles of tribe, community and family is the extension of who we are and are the containers of collaboration through which we express our soul mission and our devotion. In every moment of our lives we represent our circle in how we carry ourselves in the world, we are known through our circles through the company we keep and how we tend the fire of spirit together. Our willingness to communicate our needs generative way, to listen with presence, to clear the space consciously are all vital practices we undertake for maintaining healthy powerful circles. We put our circle first. Our commitment through each of the above agreements is to creating a thriving environment for each and every person in our circles to be fully expressed and present in the fulness of who they are. Our circles ripple out into the world. 

“We are the ones we have been waiting for 


Wake Circle

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