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Below is a selection of Articles & Blogs written by Wake Circle facilitators, community members and peers who have inspired us. These writings have specifically curated to assist you to broaden your awareness, guide your process and to empower you in the unfolding of your shamanic spiritual journey.


The Four Eternal Shamans of Wake Circle

Our story is truly ancient,  carried on the winds of the four directions, passed down through various oral traditions, channelled dream-lines and visions, shared as songs around the fire by cosmic travellers.

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We are Circlers!

I was so deeply moved last night by our recent Wake Circle tribal check-in. I feel like I am witnessing something deeply profound in the making and evolution. This is the

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One Circle, Four Shamanic Directions, Twelve Sacred Agreements

We are contemporary shamanic facilitators practicing the powerful transformational modality of holding space, container work and altered state navigation. Our sessions are neither psychological in nature nor are they a substitute for any kind of medical diagnosis, therapy or treatment. Please seek the advice of your doctor or qualified health practitioner if you have any medical or psychological concerns or conditions before attending our sessions.