Harmony in Transformation: A Journey of Resilience, Healing, and Growth
February 28, 2024

Reflecting on the entirety of my journey, chronicled through each check-in shared with this compassionate community, I see a narrative of profound transformation. From the initial moments of anticipation and uncertainty to the closing chapters of deep introspection and growth, my path has been marked by the discovery of newfound strength and resilience. Each step, each revelation, has emboldened me to confront challenges and release what no longer serves my highest good with unwavering courage. The ceremonies, under the gentle guidance of Hymj and his team, not only facilitated a deep dive into the core of my being but also illuminated the strength within me to face life's complexities head-on. A crucial part of this transformative ambiance was the beautiful, calming, and guiding music played during the ceremonies, which enveloped us in a cocoon of healing and introspection, further enhancing our journey.

This journey, encapsulated in heartfelt check-ins, has been an odyssey of shedding old layers and embracing a clearer, more authentic self. The music, the memories, the challenges, and the triumphs have woven a rich tapestry of experience, leaving me with a profound sense of clarity and purpose. The melodies, gentle and profound, have stayed with me, a soothing reminder of the journey and the spaces of healing and understanding they helped create. The support and insights gained have equipped me to navigate the ebb and flow of existence with grace and determination. As I stand at this juncture, looking back at the path traversed and ahead to the journey that continues to unfold, I am filled with gratitude for every moment of vulnerability, strength, and transformation. Moving forward, armed with the lessons learned and the connections made, I feel ready to embrace whatever lies ahead, carrying with me the melodies, the healing, and the unshakeable belief in the power of facing life's dance with an open heart and a grounded spirit.

My first experience
February 28, 2024

My first experience was not very profound, although I was delighted with the whole ceremony, the atmosphere of the people and, above all, the beautiful music, I felt a sense of fulfillment and connection with the whole world, I was in a place where peace flows through waterfalls between everyone and everything, I received a message saying that faith is something we have to hold on to, something that gives us hope and strength every day, my first and certainly not the last ceremony, see you in the future. Haux Haux

February 28, 2024

Thank you for this amazing journey and the most beautiful music that touched my soul very deeply! I came to ayahuasca ceremony with no big expectations, but with huge respect towards the Grandmother plant. My intention was to allow her to show me eveything that I needed to see and feel and just surrender to it. I ended up with silent mind, complete emptiness, so blessed, free, strong and thankful for the current life I have. With all the tears that came out of me I felt that my soul and body were heeled. I have always been slightly scared of these kind of medicine plants mainly because lack of experience and unkown. Although it was first time for me to participate at the ayahuasca ceremony, I felt so safe during the process which allowed me to go deep and get connection with my higher self. Also it was very powerful to journey with the group of people whoes energies were united in the room. I would highly recommend Wake Circle as a facilitator, just make sure You are ready for the journey and take time off before and after the ceremony to be with yourself.

A life changing experience.
April 4, 2023

The Wake Circle weekend together with 21 day journey that followed, has been a life changing experience.

My wife had encouraged me many times to seek emotional support as she was aware I was struggling . Somehow when both my daughter and son recommended the same, ,it really made me think more seriously about the need for this.

I had thought what I was experiencing was normal, given the work-related strain and a particularly rough past 2 years. I was aware I was stressed and on edge, but thought I had done a good job of hiding this from my family.

I started to look at options and my son suggested I consider an Ayahuasca ceremony, and gave me some online references . These got me interested, but as a 56-year-old who is set in my ways and conservative, this seemed very much out of my comfort zone. I said as much to my son and he suggested I meet with Heinrich, who gained my confidence and I decided to go ahead with the journey .

I am so thankful for having taken the step. Unknown to me , I had buried layer upon layer of painful memories. It was tough and hard to face these but once I had worked through this stage, I felt liberated and as if a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

The ceremony also revealed how, by suppressing hurtful emotions I was doing the same with happy emotions .I was amazed at how Ayahuasca helped reveal this and other issues so vividly. This has resulted a much greater awareness of inner emotions and triggers, as well as being conscious of my own patterns of behaviour.

I am a private person and have difficulty experiencing my emotions ,so I was apprehensive about the process of going through this process with a group of strangers. I now see the power of shared experiences and hearing others articulate what they are dealing with, helped me put my emotions in words and become more comfortable to open up. I might have started the weekend participating with others as strangers, but came out feeling a strong common bond and real sense of unity.

Hymnj’s unwavering support and gentle manner created a safe space throughout the process, with his wisdom, allowing me to discover the answers.

I will always be thankful to him and others in the Wake Circle team who held space during the ceremony, as well to my family for the encouraging role they played throughout.

November 1, 2022
Open Door Crack

This was a truly magical experience, beyond the medicines. Nathan and HymnJ created the most safe, loving and supportive space that was instrumental in allowing me to be truly open to the experience. The journey for me felt like a seeping into my soul. I was able to experience memories with new or deeper insight. I was able to gain insights into my inner blocks and ultimately gain a sense of self-acceptance and appreciation, which is a continuing journey. Part of the beauty of this experience was walking the journey with strangers who were having a completely different experience, yet we were bonded in our collective seeking. I would be remis not to mention the transfixing live music that accompanied the various voyages. I'm so deeply grateful for this experience and feel like this was just the beginning of an unfolding. Again, big thank you to HymnJ and Nathan! Haux Haux.

November 1, 2022
Vaal Retreat

This journey has been extraordinary. It started from the moment I decided to participate; an eagerness coupled with an awareness of the dieta; to the solo drive to the vaal which was effortless and surreal; to the first impressions of the retreat and its surroundings on the banks of the river; to the water, fire and medicinal ceremonies; to the circle of sharing.. it was truly extraordinary. The Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Hape` experinces were magical. The singing and instruments during the medicine ceremonies were truly other worldly; and the blissful drive home was a fitting end to the weekend.

The days following the retreat had its ups and downs, very much like normal life has its ups and downs... but there was something in the background of these ups and downs... it was a knowing borne from the wisdom of Mother Ayahuasca.

So behind the challenges of day to day living, up to the 21st day of circle close, the greatest comforting factors were the two important messages I got during the ceremony. One, that I need to take care of ME, so that I could realise or discover myself; and two, that no matter what, all anxiety and frustration on that road to self discovery where to be handled with understanding and love. I need to be patient and trusting of the process, and it will lead me to... ME!!

So that is what I take away from this entire experience. It's like I've been given that little pill called "fukitol", which will give me the knowing I desire, without the angst that I have been associating my journey with, previously. My old self has burned in that fire and the new me is slowly rising from the ashes and smoke. I am learning to BE, to live, and to create a new future for me from these ashes.

Oh..and another thing...I am finding my voice.. to speak out in situations where I would normally keep quiet.. so that misconceptions can be cleared and my standpoint is known.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member of my tribe for traveling this path with me. Your sharing, and your challenges and your fighting spirits were an inspiration. Heartfelt appreciation to yhe facilitators; to Hymnj, for bringing up important realisations; and sincere gratitude to Nathan for the love he exuded even when he was suffering with pain and illness.

Thank you all once again, and I wish you all much love in every moment of every day of your lives.

And for those in search of something... who don't know... who are stuck or lost... this experience may help you find your way.

Haux haux

Graham Martin
October 25, 2022
Releasing and Stepping into my Power.

I participated because I knew that I had traumas and intense, unresolved emotions stored on my System.

My experience, even though I was shaken to my core, was nonetheless powerful, illuminating and beautifully meaningful and beneficial.

The Ayahuasca Ceremony allowed and empowered me, during my integration period, to look at specific traumas and unresolved experiences head-on, with Presence and Courage so that it ultimately felt like they lost their hold over me.
I feel sublimely empowered and liberated.

October 25, 2022
Incredibly held space

In my honest experience, I'd made the decision a long time ago that I would only ever do an ayahuasca journey in the Amazon, because I did not think I could trust anyone outside the original lineage to hold such an intense and vulnerable space.

I'd felt an extremely strong calling to the medicine at this particular time in my life, though, and knew my only option was to do it here. I was led to Wake Circle, and I can honestly say that Hymnj and Nathan are both such extraordinary facilitators. During ceremony, it's undoubtable that they not only know exactly what they're doing holding the space and making you feel absolutely safe and comfortable, but also guiding you into such deep and powerful states.

It truly is music that moves the medicine through your consciousness and body, and both Nathan and Hymnj invoke such a depth to the entire medicine journey with their songs and music. Hymnj's music took me to vulnerable, magical and emotional spaces and Nathan took the entire journey to raw intensities like nothing I have ever experienced.

I cannot forget my heartfelt gratitude to Madre Ayahuasca for all the healing she's graciously given me. It's been a few weeks since my ceremony and the healing and bliss is still unfolding in each moment. I have never felt clearer or closer to myself. I feel like I know my own heart, mind and body in a way I've never known them before. Padre San Pedro allowed me to release and let go of years of stored emotions and trauma in a way I could viscerally feel, and it was an unmistakable knowing that I'd just released what I needed to, to completely reframe my life.

I was in a space in my life where I felt so stagnant and like nothing could bring back my spark. After the medicine journey, I feel a renewed sense of hope and commitment to myself. I feel like I am actually able to do the small things, day by day that are going to make a difference in my life and I can actually clearly see how these things are changing my life, day by day.

Above all, having a community to come to and be witnessed by and to go through this journey with, is by far the best part about the process. It is so incredibly healing and I would highly highly assure anyone that is considering taking the leap, that they are in such safe hands with the Wake Circle team.

I am so grateful for everything this journey has brought me.

Haux Huax

Tia Alexander
September 2, 2022
Mother Aya’s LoVe continues

I’m in full gratitude of my sacred experience in the wake circle. This is my second journey with Shaman Heinrich and each time I feel as though I unveiled another level of clarity into the spiritual world & shed another layer of ego dust. This Journey was different from the last, confirming that each time Mother Aya will reveal something different. I had only 1 cup this time and the journey took me on a roller coaster of reflective emotions, pain, revelations and enlightenment. Where my first experience I took 3 cups and the journey wasn’t quite a roller coaster, more like train ride but quite healing, bringing up things I was working on at that present moment. In my second experience I actually faced childhood trauma I didn’t realize I suppressed but needed to face and it makes since in how my relationships today have played out, and eye opening to where I need to fix them. The consciousness Mother Aya continues to help me see is TRUE SELF.

In my Journey I was called by the spirit to do Hapé and that definitely took me to the level I needed after my revelations, which took me thru my ego death and rebirth bringing me to a sense of peace. Of course I have continued the work to do, but I see when things come up for me now and align with the shift. Not only was there a part 1 and part 2 in my consumption during this journey but after the ceremony was over I requested the Sanaga eye drops for the morning. I found doing that the next day after closing the ceremony, it was like a real completion leaving me open and brand new like a new born baby seeing life for the first time again with different eyes. I felt like that then open me up to so much productivity and I became proactive in my paradigm shift.
Shaman Heinrich is so amazing in his guidance, in music, energy, and the space he honors and creates. I have referred several friends to come to him when ready especially as a first time experience. Years ago I was apart of another ceremony in Tulum that really turned into a hoax and a lesson learned, in comparison it to Shaman Heinrich I feel safe and know that we are in good hands. The food after is so delightful to the soul and you can feel it is made from LOVE. I look forward to many more experiences with him and even micro-dosing when I’m called too.

One thing I always tell my friends who want to begin this journey with Mother Aya is you have to be doing the internal healing work first. Watch how you think, journal, focus on self care and eat properly for what your body is calling and needing. Sometimes that just even begins with autophogy intermittent fasting so your body can heal, eating the dormant blood cells as waste, and allow your body to call on what it needs and doesn’t need. With that said prepare before and continue after as she is continuing the work inside and around you. Don’t look for her lessons or purpose, surrender to her lessons. Just be open to receive and prepare thru the space of gratitude to even have the opportunity to get closer and connected to the God in you.

Thank you Shaman Heinrich
I always enter your space in gratitude and leave filled in gratitude. Self LoVe is the Power to LoVing everyone else around us.

Sameer Mohamed
August 29, 2022
A journey of great love and pain... that resulted in a deeper healing than anything I've experienced.

I went in feeling open and courageous. Ready to face everything that had built up over my heart. On the first ayahuasca journey, I was met with great love and creative energy. Not what I expected. It opened me up... and connected me with my heart and empathy. At the end of the first evening... I felt a sense of ease that allowed me to be myself.

The following day... on san pedro, I was met with a similar feeling. Heightened creativity... and an ease of expression. But, what lurked in the background was a chip on my shoulder. So I decided to go deeper into the medicine. Everything was magnified. The feeling of not being good enough. The feeling of pining after others' approval. The feeling of not being man enough. The fear that I am unable to lead myself and to lead others. That sparked off a feeling of existential dread. Like I had no answers. Like I doubted everything I believed. Like I didn't know where to look for stability. Like I needed some sort of saviour. The inability to be anchored and present within myself and with others.

These were the burdens that I had been carrying around for a long time. And the San Pedro magnified them, so I was able to see them clearly.

I moved onto the ayahuasca medicine after that... still feeling the chip on my shoulder... still feeling a deep sense of motivation to conquer these demons in me. Ayahuasca nurtured me back to a sense of love. A sense of calm and ease.

The pain that I faced was an open wound that I had been ignoring. And it was getting infected. San Pedro showed that to me. And Ayahuasca showed how to heal it.

I left feeling like I had reconnected with myself. And feeling like I had the key to be able to return to my connection.

My relationships improved drastically. My heart felt more at-ease. And I was clear on the wounds within me that I needed to treat. I learnt to be at-ease with pain... and, therefore, to be open to love.

Thank you, Nathan and Heinrich... for providing the perfect container for me to be able to take the journey of healing.

Tânia Barroso
August 29, 2022
With Glatitude

Glatitude = Glad + Gratitude. Heinrich and Nathan offer the most spectacular experience safely. The love is undeniable, the support leaves nothing to wish for, and the setting delightful. It was a unique experience and encouraging to embody who we truly are within. Everyone was able to be astoundingly vulnerable thanks to the hosts embracing everyone individually and as a group.

No judgments, instead, we all felt rather worthy. We felt held and safe journeying with the plant medicines in the most profoundly humble way.

It is incredible how close we all became during the weekend. Unconditional love, singing (lyrics), and instruments played by both Heinrich and Nathan were stunning and felt beyond the ceremony.

Nathan and Heinrich you are tops, through you and with you may many, many more come your way for the so need healing and revelations. You are a blessing.🙏🦋

August 28, 2022
Thank you!

Am so grateful to Heinrich & Nathan for holding such a loving, safe and sacred space for us to truly dive deep and explore what the plant medicine had to teach us. It was a very emotional journey for me and their amazing facilitation made an incredible difference to my process. No pressure or judgement, just pure love and acceptance. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Brendon Ciaravino
August 28, 2022
A journey of a lost soul, finding his way home!

This is a brief story I wish to put out into the world, in the hope that it gives other ‘lost souls’ the strength and courage to take a journey within.

Many years ago, a boy was born to a loving family. As this boy grew up, life started to unfold. He was a happy boy, but that changed around the age of 12. One night, he found himself facing an older soul who was hurting and lost. On that very evening, this little boy’s “Light” was extinguished.

As he grew up, he kept a part of himself locked away in shame. Too scared to come out and be himself, too scared to talk out, and scared that he would be judged and not loved. Many years went by and this boy ran from job to job and town to town. There was an anger inside him and with each passing day, his rage grew stronger and stronger. Over time, he learnt to live on a stage, wearing a mask for every part of his life and hiding not only his true face, but also his authentic self. Pretending all was fine, while being dead inside, this boy lied to his friends and family in order to hide the shame and guilt which consumed him. While he did not want to hurt them with the truth, he also did not want to face the truth.

Years later and now a grown man, he heard of Ayahuasca. He was intrigued and read up about it, but his fears overtook him and he was torn in half. As much as he was hurting and feeling dead inside, it was all he knew and in a strange way, it felt safe. The stage was apart from him and he felt that he was running the production with absolute perfection. Of course, he was lying now to himself! He was too scared to make changes or try new things. Better the devil he knew, he used to say to himself. Little, did he realise that the cracks were starting to unfold.

And then it happened! Something, somewhere in my deepest consciousness, I had an epiphany - just do it, what have you got to lose, I said to myself. Eventually, I booked my first Ayahuasca Journey. I will not lie to you, I was petrified and it’s been a long and hard journey for me. Sometimes, its sadder and at other times it is more painful - feeling more lost than when I started. I have broken down, cried, screamed and everything else you may think of, out of sheer frustration and other feelings which I had buried deep, deep down inside of me, to “protect” me, surrounded by all the walls I had built over the years. I have been happy, sad, depressed, scared, wanting to just stop and go back to my stage, where I felt in control – but was I?

My message to you the reader is: I would like to invite you on this journey of self-discovery. I would like to challenge you to face your fears and feelings, like I have and I’m still doing. A promise I wish to make to you is that you will not be alone! I have the honour to call Wake Circle my family. Here you are welcomed, without any judgement and only with the utmost LOVE, respect and support. This is a family, where you may show all, your true self without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or anything else you may be feeling at the time. You are held in such a safe space so that you can take off your mask which the world has forced you to wear, and you can start discovering your authentic self. In this family, we are all going on this amazing journey called LIFE. Even though we are all at different stages and have travelled many roads, so too, we are all on a journey of self-discovery and working together to support one another. We all are heading in the same direction and it is amazing and beautiful.

Hein and Nathan welcomed me with open arms, and my brave brothers and sisters who embarked on this epic journey have given me the courage and strength to keep on going, and with each day, I am learning more about who I really am! Through thick and thin, ups and downs, this community and soul family have always been there for me. I have found my voice and I have finally mustered up the courage and spoke to my parents. I have opened up about my past and now I am free. I am GROWING with each passing day! The shame I felt, kept me imprisoned and trapped, but now I am finally FREE!
My parents and I are more open with each other. There is an honesty in our relationship that was not there before. Our relationship is better than it ever has been and I am loving getting to be honest about who I am, and where my life’s journey is taking me. My parents are very supportive and encouraging as they witness in me the happiness and self-love growing. I am still on my journey as this journey will never end. I still have my ups and downs, my good and bad days, but knowing that I belong to a family (Wake Circle) that is 100% there for me, gives me the strength and courage to continue on this amazing journey called LIFE!

I invite each and everyone of you, no matter what your background is, no mater where you are on your life’s journey, no matter what your life story is at this stage, no matter what “stage” you have built for yourself, to cope. Come along and take the first step, to a new life journey together with our Family called Wake Circle. It will be an honour to meet you, my long-lost brothers, and sisters.

August 28, 2022
Profound and enlightening experience

I was anxious before attending the ceremony and didn’t know what to expect.When I arrived and was greeted by Heinrich, I instantly felt at ease. The experience was absolutely mind blowing and the most profound and enlightening experience I have ever had. I faced things from my past I didn’t even realise I was struggling with that have been affecting how I view life and how I feel / felt about myself. I truly believe it’s an experience that changes you to your core, and something everyone should consider doing (the world would be a very different place if everyone decided to do this journey). The music played and sung in the ceremony speaks directly to your heart and soul.
I couldn’t have chosen a better Shaman or group of people to share such a life altering experience with. The support and experience was a feeling of pure love. I would recommend it to anyone and believe it is a step that propels you forward on your journey of growth and healing.

Schalk Theart
August 11, 2022
A special kind of peace

It felt like I knew the other people attending the weekend from a long time ago. No one felt like strangers.
I felt at home 🙂 I could take the time to dig deep, to search my past for possible untreated wounds and then by the next medication session I received the healing already. I got to the solutions right as I uncovered the issues. I am not sure how I managed to experience all of that in only two days, it still baffles me. It felt like two weeks rather. I love it!

I got the help I needed and it happened at such a pace that I had the time to go deeper. I got to confront things about myself which I forgot about. Ancient little traumas that hindered my ability to breathe and love and receive love freely.

I was made aware of how certain childhood events still played a role in my life - while I thought they were not relevant anymore. Tiny things that still influenced my life after all these years - it all got dissolved and it feels great! The group was holding space in such a way that the sharing of my life's stories could happen naturally.

The music is divine! Meaningful, powerful, beautiful and I still sing along as it radiates with love and carries the same feelings back to me in my every day. I often wake up with one of the melodies in the morning.

I got diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder while I was studying medicine. Today, 15 years later, I finally found the medicine that works for me: Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Sananga, Rapé, Acacia/Syrian Tree of Life and the 'open heart, open mind' sharing of feelings in a safe space held securely in love.

The facilitators helped me to find a special kind of peace, a place I can now return to when I feel the need.

Last night I slept like a dream. I am sketching again and the flow is natural, now I am excited to finish all of my art from the past 20 years, I already started!

Thank you Wake Circle!

August 11, 2022
Unbelievably transformative

All three of my experiences with Wake Circle have been unbelievably transformative. I was recommended by a friend who spoke very highly of her experience, and the care and consistent support that goes into every process is what makes this space so unique. The attention and intention behind every ceremony truly allowed me to sink deeply into questions and parts of myself that needed investigating… I could finally look at and explore themes that have run my life in the background. The support that both Heinrich and Nathan offered at points when I needed assistance was truly incredible… I felt incredibly safe to allow myself to unravel and DEAL. The way the weekends were structured also created so much safety and trust within the process. I felt completely guided and supported. I am so incredibly grateful to have come across Wake Circle… It’s practice and facilitators have served as beacons of light in my healing process over the past two years and counting. Thank you, thank you.

August 11, 2022
Reconnecting with life

My name is Joshua.

I came to Wake circle feeling very confused and tense in my life. I was looking for answers in my life. There was so much that I was battling with myself. I felt so disconnected from everyone, myself and life. I felt numb. It wasnt getting any better.

Thanks to Heinrich and Nathan for holding such an incredible space for healing filled with Love and wisdom. Was I able to unfold myself and reconnect with myself, nature and life. I was able to gain clarity and truth through these plant medicines. Giving me the courage to process everything that came up for me. And to accept and Love myself for the beautiful person I am. And to really shed light on my own darkness. I found guidance within myself. And have found the courage to implement these things. I am learning how to be intimate with myself again. So Grateful for my journey.

I really encourage those that feel they have the calling and you are playing around with the idea to take the step to pursue your own journey through these medicines.
You will meet amazing people going through their own journey but there to share the same healing space with you. The chance to form a new bond with a new tribe. A chance to get in touch with yourself again.
Haux Haux

August 11, 2022
Out of This World

Went through quite a hectic few months and if I didnt found out about this I would have probably did something stupid and just spiral down even more but that didnt happen because I for once found a space where I felt I belonged and the love that was radiating from everyone is not something Im use to. Nathan and Heinrich are just next level amazing with how they looked after us and the music that they played was OUT OF THIS WORLD amazingly beautiful. The retreat touched me so deeply. I met new family a new tribe a breath of fresh air to live life with love and work on becoming that best version of myself and to connect with my higer self. I will be forever greatful! Haux Haux

August 11, 2022
I am finally the real me...

I cannot thank wake circle enough for my profound life changing experience.
The tribe has aloud me to find my peace, my power and so much more within this world we exist in. It’s has done remarkable wonders for my manic depressive disorder, crippling anxiety & trauma..
I have learned so many coping mechanisms to help me deal with my daily life struggles as well as my relationships.
I am more open and honest with myself as well as others and willing to experience life fully...
My mind is clear and my heart is open thanks to this weekend.. My life has changed completely, thank you thank you thank you...

The layout of the weekend blew me away, even just the group work by itself has helped me in so many ways, where you can be venerable, speak your truth within a tribe that support your every word as well as have one on ones with our facilitators..

The medicines take you to the depths within yourself that you where not aware existed and then guide you even deeper..
You are completely free to choose whether you want to partake in it or not, there is absolutely no pushing or forcing to do anything you are not comfortable with, but the facilitators held such a powerful, safe and supported space for me that I tried every single medicine they have very carefully prepared & planned for us throughout the weekend, I truly came out of the weekend a changed soul, for this I am eternally grateful.

I can not imagine how much work and love must go into these weekends, but it really shows how it has become their passionate purpose to help guide us to the best versions of ourselves and make the world a better place...

For someone that has gone to the amazon to have Mother Ayahuasca journeys there and as beautiful and spectacular that experience was, I actually found Wake Circle to be a lot more relatable to our world, our facilitators have walked many miles in our shoes, have dealt with our pains and have experienced or understand our traumas, this made me feel so understood, supported, safe and held my entire journey..
Their Icaros to guide you through your journey will blow you away too, you can truly feel the love in what must have taken great effort, time and true commitment in putting together, so many melodies and instruments to hold your space so so safe.

On top of everything the venue and accommodation was spectacular, clean and comfortable... With food prepared by the tribe with the greatest of care, effort & love to keep you nourished for all your inner work..
Everything you need for your journey towards true peace is all taken care of with the greatest of love..

My psyche will forever be so grateful Wake Circle. Thank you thank you thank you...
See you again soon for another celebration of life for i am finally really alive!!!
All the love

Schalk Willem Theart
July 4, 2022
I choose to live in health, through a love for life

I was trying to make sense of why my life choices had me going in a circle; I got confused through my own ideas or stories of who I was and what I believed in...
With the plant medicine, Wake Circle then created the ideal safe space and gave me the opportunity I needed to clearly see my truth. Now I feel connected, with fresh appreciation and a deeper understanding. It was health inviting me in, not the other way around, - I choose to live in health, through a love for life.

Sharda Singh
June 16, 2022
Beautiful souls

Creating a container of love and safety helping you unleash your inner spirits

Grace Divine
June 14, 2022
This is my Medicine!

My first immersive foray into the world of plant medicine occurred in Greyton at the loving Blue Hippo Farm - I honour this place deeply for it's holding and sacredness. I chose to do a 'weekend' retreat as I i) needed the time away (fuelled by an intense Soulmate breakup), and ii) didn't want it to be a toe-dipping experience of 'I wish I had done the weekend'. I had been researching Madre Ayahuasca for 6 years (doccies and all the 8000 comment threads) and 'happened' upon San Pedro in my tracings and wanting to master what Ayahuasca 'would be like'. I read about Hapé but didn't pay it much thread! I had no idea that these three teachers would converge for me - in a single weekend! People I have met throughout my life consider me a 'wordsmith'. I have helped shy grooms write soulful wedding speeches that win over their brides 'forever' and I have proofed and reviewed everything from academic to book writing to poetry; though, I am yet to be guided for how to capture these plant teachers in words. I am honestly left speechless - almost two months on. For me, it is a feeling - a deep inner knowing, forged through divine plant-to-human and divine human-to-plant, connection, cleansing, wisdom. At least that part is unmistakeable!

I wrote a laundry list of 3 notes on my handset until each of them were at capacity. But, my over-arching intention was that I was going "for all the love; all the healing; all the wisdom; and all the truth". I wanted to know and see EVERYTHING! I knew that everything I would be shown would be 'me' undoubtedly. Who else would be shown to me?! I went for my own healing and to sever that which holds me back from trusting myself and connecting with my ancestors and myself. I wanted to wipe my past clean and clear the slate and clean up my 'sh1t' so that I could move on to the next chapter in my life in wisdom and in truth and fully in my feminine. I sure was gifted that! And I am so so grateful!

The weekend as an 'entire' single process was so well paced, held, facilitated and accompanied by mesmerising soul-changing original music and icaros. Nathan and Heinrich are master facilitators, space-holders, music-makers. What I enjoyed most is that I was surprised by each check-in, check-out - nothing was predictable. They were ON the pulse and yet so sensitive, respectful, and holding of what was in the space - collectively or for an individual.

I felt heard, seen, loved, respected. I could hear, feel, love, and respect myself - even with 18 others in the same space - WHAT an experience!

Within each day scheduled, there were ample spaces to connect with self, others, or nature.

Each plant (teacher) and element ceremony was conducted with incredibly deep respect and felt reverence. The way each ceremony was held and executed was with deep kindness, sacredness, anticipation, freedom, and joy.

As with anything in life: what you put in, is what you get out. Do the dieta beforehand - do it with ALL your might! You will get THE MOST out of your plant teachers and the journeys they wish to take you on.

I had a BOWL of anxiety in my belly brewing for three weeks before the weekend. It had nothing to do with the weekend. But was a thorough indicator of how my mind was getting the better of me and how it was playing me. After the weekend all that anxiety - GONE!

From the 6 years of research I concluded: I should have done Ayahuasca for SIX consecutive years - TWICE each year! That's how amazing a teacher she is! San Pedro is a plant teacher I am still learning about. I love Hapé - it totally surprised me and shifted my journey immensely. After the Hapé was administered - I was told to "just keep falling".

The immersive weekend has given me the place to just keep falling into. I am falling into life. I am falling inlove with life - my own life - and falling into my own life with such love and respect. I am living my soul's song. I finally see myself. I finally value myself. I am happy and full of joy. I am elated to be in this place because I thought my life would never start or take off. The medicine has witnessed me and transormed me. Two months on, post 18 days integration firectly after the weekend - and I am still being transformed.

THE ABOVE are the GIFTS I got from working with the sacred medicines. I honour each of the plant medicine teachers as often as I remember.

It is unthinkable to me that God has GIVEN us these teachers right here on earth. And yet, I am living proof of their healing, their presence, and their transformative, sacred power!

My name means "A Promise of Unmerited Favour". Before the retreat weekend, it was something I 'understood' in my head. Now, it is something I BREATHE and EMBODY!

Honour the Earth. Respect her Medicine. Find yourself. Take nothing for granted. May Your Joy be Full. And may you keep falling into the highest of what is meant for you.

I give Thanks. Haux Haux.

Ann Nonymous
June 14, 2022
First Ayahuasca experience

Being someone who has never participated or consumed psychedelics/plant medicine before, I went in with the intention to heal my subconscious mind and wounds. Nathan’s reassurance and compassion made the process a lot easier for me. My experience was not easy, but the container that was created, held space for me to fall apart. I faced aspects of myself that I thought I forgave and forgot about - that was the hardest part. Once the ceremony was brought to a conclusion, I immediately felt lighter and at a higher vibration. My experience in facing reality is easier and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is having a tough time with reality. The Wake Circle consists of highly professional and gifted beings who know exactly what they are doing. They create a safe and loving atmosphere.

June 14, 2022
Space to heal

From someone that struggles with religious PTSD as well as bad experiences with psychedelics, I must say that Heinrich and Nathan made me feel really safe and allowed me to search my soul , probably the most life transforming experience I have ever had. Haux Haux.

Llewellyn Chame
June 13, 2022
The most liberating time of my Life.

Having spent time under the Guidance of @nathanraaths and @tigerhymn (Heinrich Reisenhofer), 2 People who truly embody Servant Leadership, understanding just how to release past traumas so that my way of engaging myself, people, situations and the World has fundamentally changed, has been the most liberating time of my Life.

Becoming aware of my triggers was a very powerful moment of self realization. Being able to watch them float away without reacting, like a leaf travelling in a stream, has been tremendously liberating.

The Peace that comes from understanding that what happens around me, doesn't need to happen to me, is deeply profound.

The guided plant medicine ceremonies have been instrumental in helping understand the “why” so that I was able to change the “how”.

This is what enabled the Life Changing Transformation I have experienced.

Luke Musgrave
June 13, 2022

Dear Heinrich and Nathan

I write this email in recognition of not only the space you have created to facilitate life altering change in my life but also to acknowledge the vessel , ayahuasca for the profound impact , her grace has afforded me !

I had spent the better part of 25 years in active addiction to specifically sex and cocaine- however not only limited too! I had been to 5 different rehabs- nothing worked . I tried white knuckling it - always to no avail. I was at my wits end and came to a place in my life where I was willing to accept that, my life at this point was simply how life would always be . Miserable , Desperate , Lost and Lonely.

In an act of absolute desperation I sought counsel from a very dear friend , confidant and counsellor. She recommend that I should make contact with the Wake Circle and book a ceremony as quite frankly I had nothing to loose !

I had no idea what I was getting myself in to , but for the absolute “tripe” which is written on the internet regarding ayahuasca! I decided to take the leap of faith and attend my first ayahuasca ceremony! Nothing could prepare me for the incredible circle I was about to walk in too!

I arrived at the ceremony, nervous , irritated , hungry and fraught with anxiety. I was greeted with hugs and embraced as a brother- which in itself was very new to me. I eventually had all my nerves and anxiety put at ease by Nathan and Heinrich as they eloquently discussed the healing I was about to embark on. The space they held was Beautifully sacred and respectful . They guided us through a healing journey with some of the most beautiful icarus and medicine songs - which too this day are sung daily by myself- a constant reminder of this very special day . Make no mistake the journey itself was tough and I was taken to places of trauma which I simply had not been able to access throughout my life! I was beautifully held by the stunning icarus, chanting and singing. Never have I attended an ayahuasca ceremony where I had been dropped in the depths of hell and not brought through it kindly and gently at the finality by madre ayahuasca! Testament to the amazing space held by my two brothers, Nathan and Heinrich.

I have attended a number of wake circle ceremonies since that beautiful occasion and today I am a free man. I am clean from drugs , alcohol and took a vow of celibacy to heal my sexual traumas of the past . All testament to the Creator and the Divine vessel of ayahuasca served to me by the Wake Circle.

I honour this very special circle today in leading with vulnerability in a quest to unearth an authenticity so deep that I may soar with the eagle high above the mountains a FREE MAN!

With Love , Gratitude and Blessings!

Haux, Haux,


Wanita Ismail
June 13, 2022
A powerful weekend!

Thank you for such a powerful weekend. Also for holding such awesome space for us all. It was challenging but even through the challenges it was the best gift I could ever have given myself certianly will be doing it again.

Karen Holtzkampf
June 13, 2022
Immensely grateful

Thank you so much for the incredible weekend - I am in absolute awe of the work you do and so immensely grateful for the safe space you and the team created for us this weekend. After such a beautiful journey on Friday night boogying to your songs, Saturday afternoon and evening was ROUGh but what a privilege to have had the opportunity to release what was holding me back - thank you for holding space for all of us, I truly don’t know how you bear the weight of it! I feel a great sense of peace today and look forward to the teachings that will unfold over the next weeks. Haux Haux

Mathilda Olivier
June 13, 2022
Love, love!

For me what makes Wake -Circle extra special is the commitment that Heinrich and Nathan have towards each individual that joins the group. They create a safe container, filled with love and compassion which facilitates maximum healing, joy and comfort. And the music is absolutely incredible!

Christelle Aicha
June 13, 2022
LOVE and LIGHT to you Shamans

Dear Heinrich , Dear Nathan, LOVE and LIGHT to you Shamans. You are truly appreciated🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. Because of you I consciously journeyed between 3D and 5D. Wowww that is absolutely amaizing. Some science fiction writer still cannot believe that can happened but YOU well prepared our ceremony and made it happened. YOU are Valuable, so Precious. Thank you for your ward work helping us ( Lightworkers ) to pursue our mission while walking in the right path. Much LOVE HAUX HAUX❤ 🕉️💚

Vicky Sawkins
June 13, 2022
Thank you!

There are some moments in life that you just know will stay with you forever, and the days of the retreat and the weeks that followed were full of those moments. To see yourself in the eyes of complete strangers and to realise that you've always know each other, is as unparalleled an experience as you could hope to have. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll never forget the lessons learned in the sacred spaces you created.

Lynne Poulsen Blamire
June 13, 2022
A life changing experience for me

After my husband died in a motorbike accident in 2017, I spent four years on various psychotropic medications for anxiety and depression. Three of those years were spent trying to come off them! I had finally tapered the mood stabilizer by August 2021, but I was clueless on how to move forward with the crippling anxiety that the psych meds withdrawals had left in their wake. I was at this desperate turning point when I began my journey with Wake Circle, in October 2021. I began coaching sessions with Nathan, where he guided me until I was ready for my first Ayahuasca ceremony. It felt like five years of psychotherapy in one overnight ceremony. It was the beginning of a whole new me as I began to deal with the grief, loss and fear that I had not been ready to face. I started to unravel new positive ways of being in the world. With my second Ayahuasca overnight ceremony, new levels of self-love and self-trust were unlocked. I then embarked on The New Tribe, Old Eyes (Blue Hippo) Weekend Retreat and it was a life changing experience for me. Nathan and Heinrich are masters of holding space. The plant medicines are powerful teacher/healers. I came away from the retreat having faced my fear and truly knowing my own power and resilience. For twenty-one days the group witnessed and supported each other on our Telegram group, as we took what we had learned back home to be integrated into our daily lives. I am eternally grateful to Wake Circle and its community for their support. I’m doing the work, living in awareness and I have renewed hope for the next chapter in my life. ~ Haux Haux ~

Fehraad De Nicker
June 13, 2022
Quiet in the headspace and my soul is in its seat

My life had reached a critical point where I felt trapped by circumstances and negative self-harming behaviors that I had formed. I had previously sought traditional professional help in the sense of psychology and cognitive therapy combined with seeing my psychiatrist and the anti-depressant, mood-stabiliser and ADHD medication that I was on for years and years (suffered from depression and high-functioning anxiety). Life had reached a breaking point as I was in a very dark self-destructive headspace and the professional traditional help served its purpose but didn’t get into the depths of my inner being and trauma and needed another way to get a break-through. I’m extremely grateful to myself that I made a decision to throw myself a life-line and get out of the trap that I was in and made the brave decision to embark upon a healing journey with Wake Circle. I joined their 21-day integration journey with plant medicines and went into the experience with an open-mind and heart but an intention to do the work and find a pathway to inner healing and transformation. The weekend retreat with the plant medicine, the venue, the temple, the other brave souls and our most wonderous and powerful shaman facilitators was a deeply transformative experience that has caused immense shifts in me. My experience with Wake Circle and the community has been so powerful as I’ve shared a raw vulnerability story of myself that I’ve never shared with anyone before because the space was created with trust and safety. Their ability to hold-space and provide support in what has been the hardest work I have had to do in my lifetime is truly magnificent and powerful, I will always hold such gratitude to them and all of us that journeyed together in the 21-day integration programme.

I’ve dealt with so much trauma that I didn’t even know exists and processed it or brought it into my consciousness and will continue to process the trauma and pain that I have experienced in this lifetime. The beautiful magical combination of how Wake Circle runs a journey programme that involves the plant medicines, their guidance and holding space, to the community sharing and holding space and the inner work that I have to do, is a combination that works in harmony even though it’s very rough and even scary at times, it all makes sense that there’s this balance of all the processes working together for you in your process and journey.

I have concluded one vision quest journey with Wake Circle now and it was highly transformational and has resulted in major shifts in myself and I know that I am on a higher frequency now empowered to deal with my trauma and future life events whatever they will be. I feel calm, collected, centered, at peace, quiet in the headspace and my soul is in its seat. I most certainly will continue to be a part of this community and continue to do more Vision Quests / Healing Ceremonies with Wake Circle.

Haux Haux

Rudolph Oberholzer
June 10, 2022
First Ayahuasca Ceremony

I cannot think of how to thank Nathan and Madre Ayahuasca for this experience! Words will never be able to describe the feeling of immense gratitude. The container was held with so much love and Nathan's presence was always felt, assisting me to go fully into the experience without any fear or anxiety. The medicine was powerful and with the medicine and shaman's assistance and guidance, I managed to release deep seated anger, work through grief and even had the opportunity to play and learn more on working with the energy-body.

June 10, 2022
Offering the safety to explore

For some plant medicine is an easy choice, for me it took years of curiosity, reading and exploration to get to the point of feeling ready to respond to the call. When you make a choice so far outside of your comfort zone, you need many factors to be in place to truly feel held and safe. Nathan and Chris offered exactly that. From the moment I arrived and throughout the ceremony I felt everything was explained and prepared with so much thought and gentleness and I was allowed to be free to settle into the experience. It was exactly the tenderness, wisdom, and safety that I was hoping for. Thank you

Clare Hope Morris
December 11, 2021
Nathan and Heinrich hold a truly unique space for transformative healing.

They hold a safe container where your unique experience and authentic expression is encouraged so you can truly meet and embody who you are.
So many of us in ceremony felt and were reminded of the tender love that is inherent and resides in us all. We felt worthy. We felt held. We felt our divinity within the trials and tribulations of our humanity. The space is clean, clear and an open channel for you to be held as you enter into the calling - of journeying with plant medicines - in a safe, held and profoundly humble way.
Nathan & Heinrich also hold a support system for you so that your transformative journey can continue outside of ceremony. I was surprised by how close we all became as a family within the weekend. True love is shared and the ceremonial songs are felt far beyond the ceremony as they continue to carry us in daily life.
I for one cried in our group shares. Which says alot about the safe space that was held. How I immediately felt protected and seen. I'm not usually one to cry in public....and the workshops, walks and cleansing rituals in nature - surrounded by animals - were sublime!
I absolutely recommend Nathan and Heinrich to hold space for plant medicine ceremonies - especially if it is your first time. I was on a retreat where it was the first time for 70% of the people and I was blown away by their bravery - but also not surprised - as the solid foundation was provided - so we journeyed deep!
Thank you to Everyone ✨🙏💗✨Thank you for doing the work 🌸 It was a true blessing to meet and be met by you. Haux Haux

Salma Kathrada
December 4, 2021

It was in this sacred ceremonial space that I was gently led into seeing that which was holding me back from being more confident, expressive and vulnerable.
From seeing unhealthy generational patterns to healing childhood traumas, plant medicine has been my most spiritual guide. And Nathan and Heinrich facilitate these journeys with powerful authenticity.
It may seem scary, but you will receive only that which you are ready for. This has been true for me for each of my journeys ❤️

Christopher Smale
November 14, 2021

if your are looking to search your soul in a safe and loving environment I would definitely recommend wake circle.

Dana Burkholder
December 8, 2020
Opportunity to awaken into more of the circle of life

My experience with Wake Circle was very simply the opportunity to awaken into more of the circle of life that surrounds me and lives within me. The opportunity was well crafted into a life changing experience by Nathan and Heinrich who provided the perfect space to explore and meet plants in a way its hard to even imagine. Our pre conceived notions of plants and medicine, even other substances, is hard to set aside but wake circle does just that. The ceremony, the organization, the kindness and the setting were so harmonious that going within and trusting the process was easy. What I’ve received from my experience is many things, from a greater sense of self to a more expanded innerstanding of the dynamic world we share. As well as a deep relaxation, and a clarity for the unfolding of my life and the ways to navigate with more truth moving forward. It is wonderful to connect to nature in this way, to have it join you on the journey inward and show such kindness and support. Thank you to Nathan and Heinrich for their grace and strength and beauty.

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