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Hybrid Ayahuasca / Afriuasca – Overnight Visionary Ceremony

June 25, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - June 26, 2022 @ 9:00 am

Ayahuasca/Afrihuasca Hybrid Ceremony-CPT South
Date: Saturday-Sunday (Overnight)
Venue: The Sun Temple
Start Time: 17:00
Value Exchange: R2400 all incl.
There are only 8 spaces avail
Optional Medicines that entire cultures where built on.
– Egyptian African Mix
– South American Mix
This is rare ceremony where both the Ayahuasca Mixes from South America as well as the lesser known Afriausca that comes from Ancient Egypt will be on offer as a choice. The Egyptian sacrament was known as ” Tree of Life Elixir” Although it is made of completely different plants it still works in the exact same mechanisms. It is extremely well documented scientifically but very seldom used. It is my favourite experience of all time. Details for those interested in the Egyptian Potion origin at the end.
“There is no mistaking the healing power of this sacred teacher Madre Ayahuasca but what makes these ceremonies unique is the warm safe communal energy we create; after our journey we will share a delicious meal while we share our tales of adventure.
This is a deeply transformative, healing and potentially life changing experience:”
If this your first plant medicine ceremony Nathan will do a short coaching call with you to set you up so that you feel at ease and prepared.
Please note that payment is required to secure your space, in a small ceremony like this we simply give it to the first few to submit and secure. We do understand this is a big step for some people who sometimes wrestle with this decision as things invariably come to the surface in their lives; this is part of the process. We invite you to reach out to us at any time so we can provide coaching and support as we have for countless others who have navigated this path.
You will need to bring:
1. Camping mattress: Be comfortable to sleep the night through. (No big blow up mattresses please)
2. Warm bedding, pillow
3. A bucket
4. Eye mask ( Optional)
5. A diary if you wish to write your thoughts and process.
6. A water bottle & tissues.
It is essential that you read through this after booking. I can talk any of it through with you on a call. It will help you understand the detox needed before.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, we are here to guide and assist you on this extraordinary experience. You will know your booking is accepted and confirmed if you are added to the temporary whatsapp group.
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Ancient Egyptian Ayahuasca Brew
Acacia/ Ancient Egyptian Mix
We are excited to present a unique once-off ceremony experience of the Ancient Egyptian version of Ayahuasca held in the Wake Circle tradition. On special occasions, when available, we like to bring in unique and special plants that are different from what we usually use in our usual ceremony brews. These medicines allow us to focus on specialized areas of healing and awakening such as dealing with shamanic initiations, romantic or family relationships, addiction, generational or personal trauma, or connecting to ancestors and guides.
Please note:
These specialty ceremonies are specifically tailored for experienced traveler wanting to explore deeper into different realms of medicine.
Acacia: The Tree of Life
With many breakthroughs in the sciences that explore our ancient past we now know that DMT was also used in Ancient Egypt. Although the plants used to produce ayahuasca are not native to Egypt, DMT containing plants can be found all over the world. The Acacia bush is one such plant that is well known throughout Egypt as the Tree of Life.
The plant has an incredible history and is considered sacred in Judeo-Christian and Ancient Greek history.
It was said in legend that if Acacia talks to you, it will never lie.
In Egyptian hieroglyphs it is the “Eye of Rah.” This drawing is very similar to a transversal cut of the pineal gland, which is also known as the Third Eye. This is thought by many to be responsible for dreams, the meditative state and even near death experiences.
Looking back on ancient Hindu artwork, there are many commonalities with modern psychedelic art. DMT might have been responsible for this because there are many DMT containing plants found in India. The same can be said for a lot of the breath taking art found in mosques in Iran.
Acacia trees are all over the Nile area of Egypt and so are Syrian Rue plants, so the materials for creating a DMT/Harmala combination would have been very easy for anyone who knew about plant chemistry and extraction. Acacia was revered as very holy in Ancient Egypt and is revered in the Holy Bible and Torah and Talmud. The Ark of the Covenant was build from Acacia wood, then covered in Gold. The Ark of King Tut was also made from Acacia and would have been identical to the Covenant Ark, except it was not covered or plated in Gold.
The sacramental brew that we will be used in this ceremony has a incredible history in religions and mystic schools.
I highly suggest you watch this movie or read some of these links if you would like to know more
It is also my favourite plant medicine by far…………………………………………
Watch a short Documentary about the role that Acacia/Syrian Tree of Life Medicine played in Ancient Egypt/ Ancient Greece and even the Bible
Some articles referring to the Tree of Life sacred Brew.
Scientific paper on the use of Acacia/
Sirian mix ( Tree of Life) in Ancient Egypt


June 25, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
June 26, 2022 @ 9:00 am


Nathan Raaths


Sun Temple
Welcome Glen
Cape Town, 7975 South Africa
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