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New Tribe, Old Eyes Retreat (CT)

July 19 @ 11:00 am - July 21 @ 11:00 am

R6785 – R7900

A unique 21-day African journey of Ayahuasca and San Pedro

VENUE: Malmesbury- Farm Estate

RETREAT DATES: July 19-21    2024

INTEGRATION JOURNEY: July 22- 9 August (Online)

South African Residents: R6785 all incl.
International Participants: 7900 all incl.


“In modern times, the spirit of ancient tribes are now being called to gather once more around the fire of transformation. As timelines and cultures of new and old collapse upon one another, we return to the cradle of civilisation where African soil beckons us to rekindle our roots to the earth and nature’s soul. We join hands in a Wake Circle to whisper to eternity just as we have done so many times before. We are a new tribe rebirthing old eyes, we are rising.”

The New Tribe, Old Eyes African Retreat is an intensive 3-day medicine weekend taking place just outside Cape Town, South Africa. This is followed by an 18-day micro-dosing integration and transformation journey (online), culminating in the final witnessing ceremony of our shamanic odyssey. It is a journey of ecstatic transformation that is a profound 21-days in total where we will meet as strangers and leave as one tribe. With over a decade of experience running retreats, we believe this is the most powerful format for getting the greatest value out of sacred plant-medicine experience.

Our powerful weekend retreat starts with an African welcoming and cleansing ritual. We will flow through two very powerful nighttime Ayahuasca ceremonies and one daytime Hauchuma/San Pedro transformation session. Each morning will begin with a deep Tiger Hymn shamanic breath-work and body integration session. The main process day is crowned with a powerful shamanic fire ceremony where we burn old contracts and invoke new ones. This is a deeply immersive experience that is a reset for body, mind and soul. For the hundreds of people who have participated in this retreat over the years this has been a profound life-changing journey.


Old paradigms around the world are shifting. The once popular notion that the only way to a have genuinely transformative and healing Ayahuasca healing experience is to travel to the Amazon jungle is being debunked; there is now something bigger at stake. The world all over is calling for greater access to this potent and ancient form of healing through all plant medicines. The consciousness of these sacred master plants has deliberately taken like seeds to the wind finding new roots in the soil of various continents. Fusing with local shamanic traditions, enlightened spiritual practices, and with contemporary transformational tools they have given birth to a hybridised generation of contemporary shamans who have evolved very unique skill sets to meet the maladies of our age whether it be symptomatically expressed as depression, addiction, trauma or spiritual disconnection.

We are now called to return to the cradle of humankind – Africa – where it all began so that we can remember as the ancients did why we came and what our true role is on this earth. Tribes from all four corners have been called together in the sacred Wake Circle, the circle of death and rebirth.

Walking hand-in-hand with the guidance of Ayahuasca and San Pedro the New Tribe, Old Eyes retreat is a uniquely African gathering intended for individual and global healing and transformation. We will gather once more in a sacred circle to follow the beat of the drum as all our ancestors did before, opening our hearts and minds to creating a new community pathway of coming together, celebrating, communicating, healing, and holding space for each other. This is the African calling.



With almost a decade of experience running medicine quests in Southern Africa, we have been consistently evolving a powerful retreat format guided by the simple question: what is needed to truly achieve tangible life-enriching ecstatic transformation? The first part of the answer has always been that we must be willing to turn ourselves inside out, purge the darkness, to shed the old skin of limiting beliefs by going through the eye of the needle to reclaim the sacred inner sanctum of our soul and to rebirth our true eyes.

The second part is tricky part which is that we must integrate these realisations and remembrances back into our practical lives and our relationships as an embodied experience. Herein lies the true challange. There is no doubt that millions of people around the world have received profound revelations, healings, and downloads from their encounters with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines. We must be willing, however, to be authentic in admitting that in reality, only a minority of those can truly integrate and embody these shifts and understandings into their relationships, daily lives, and communities. A big gap exists in turning a profound inner ‘experience’ into a tangible practice, an embodied existence and a better world. A life-changing ‘spiritual’ experience is meaningless if the transformation that follows is only surface-deep. This is why integration and embodiment is the key to this work.

We have observed that the first three weeks after a powerful and intensive plant medicine ceremony is the critical period of integration where the messages and teachings of the sacred plant teachers continue to unfold within us as we attempt to undertake new actions in our lives. In this euphoric and often vulnerable space, we are in a high state of neural plasticity and suggestion which is optimal for cultivating new habits but also potentially detrimental for compounding disempowering ones. For many first-timers, this can sometimes feel confusing and emotionally challenging, especially as our core paradigms are changing while we still continue to deal with our old realities. Without a meaningful, proactive, and experienced structure of support, it is easy to feel alone, overwhelmed and even disempowered. It all comes down to the quality, integrity, and experience of the integration process, which most people typically attempt to unfold on their own after their plant medicine journey. The truth is that we are so much more powerful and effective at integrating when we are moving together in a shared guided context of support and witnessing. True awakening is a group effort and is exponentially more effective with the collaborative energy and support of a tribe.

It is with this in mind that we have designed a three-week micro-dosing and integration program as part of the ceremony package to support and guide you in your process. Micro-dosing is the well-known practice of taking tiny amounts of plant medicine daily to keep the inner sacred ‘whisper’ alive, and to build new neural pathways and habits. During this journey, as you reintegrate into your daily life you will follow the guided journaling program whilst you have the continued online support of the facilitators and the group you journeyed with.

Apart from weekly online check-ins, you will each have access to coaching with the shaman/facilitator to support you in your unfolding. This journey will then be completed by a final online witnessing and homecoming circle where we all come together for the last time to complete and seal our sacred journey. We believe that this is the most powerful package and value to facilitate what we call a pinnacle life experience, where you get to complete the ultimate medicine journey knowing that you also have a like-minded tribe you can call on.


* Arrive 10am

* Check-in and Sacred Container building
* African Water Cleanse Ritual
* First Ayahuasca Ceremony

* Breakfast
* 8 am- Tiger Hymn Breath-work and Body integration
* San Pedro/Huachuma Ceremony
* Shamanic Fire Transformation Ceremony
* Second Ayahuasca Ceremony- Birthing Old Eyes
* Ceremony of Food (Dinner)

* Breakfast
* 8 am- Tiger Hymn Breath-work and Body integration
* Closing ceremony and Check-out.
* We close our ceremony and will be on the road from noon.


As you drive away from this extraordinary retreat with your mind and heart wide open, you will be taking two items with you apart from the magnificent memories for your next 18-day journey. You will receive a micro-dosing kit of the sacred medicines and the new contract you have created from the fire ceremony and a Wake Circle amulet a sacred blessing symbol to keep you present to your tribal connection and the epic journey that you have embarked on. Whether you were able to face your deepest fear and/or connect to your bliss and divinity, the sense of triumph is unmistakable and the value of this experience is unquantifiable.


* 18 days of journaling dreams and processing at least a short paragraph per day
* Wednesday 7 pm Zoom check-in and group coaching (three consecutive weeks)
* Daily Telegram check-ins with facilitator support
* Closing & Sealing Ceremony on Zoom – Final Friday of the 21 days




The New Tribe, Old Eyes Retreat has evolved through our intensive process of constantly evaluating our own commitment to transformation and this medicine path. We are reminded that commitment is the key ingredient to the alchemy of transformation. There can be no healing difficult afflictions such as addiction or depression without an unwavering and conscious commitment to personal growth and change. When it is missing or lacks integrity, no amount of medicine, guidance or support makes a difference. Commitment starts from the very first step of any journey we undertake and permeates the whole way through to the last moment. The commitment that we have undertaken for this quest is to be fully invested in every participant’s transformation for the period of this extraordinary journey.

The commitment that will be required from you, should you choose to embark on this experience, is as follows:

  • Follow the booking process as designed, whether you have journeyed with us before or not.
  • Pay the deposit (non-refundable) to secure your place and keep to all financial arrangements made.
  • Keep all the agreements of our container and follow the program, as designed, for the entire journey – from start to end.
  • For the period of the actual weekend retreat, the entire three days must be booked off so that you can comfortably arrive at the retreat space from 10 am and be fully present for the entire journey.
  • Have the Telegram app downloaded on your phone for the pre-ceremony support group and the post-ceremony integration process.
  • Ensure your evening is booked off so you can attend the closing online witnessing ceremony at the end of the three weeks. This will be a Friday evening at 7 pm.

We promise that if you honour each of these commitments of the journey and follow the entire process you will experience extraordinary and permanent breakthroughs in your life.




Who will be facilitating your journey?

Over the years we have had the opportunity of working with an eclectic mix of extraordinary shamanic facilitators from all over the world who have each added to the tapestry of this process. For every New Tribe, Old Eyes Retreat we called in a unique support team of facilitators. Each beautiful facilitator in Wake Circle has developed their own medicine practice through a cross-pollination of teachings and influences drawing on various shamanic lineages, and religious and healing practices from around the world. Our team consists of facilitators both highly experienced in years as well as young, passionate, and gifted. What unites these various skills in our ceremony facilitation process is the unique and sacred practice of circling and holding space that we have diligently crafted over a decade of running ceremonies. We believe that when held in a powerful container of presence, safety, and compassion every human being fundamentally knows how to align, heal, and reconnect with their higher selves. Our role is to provide you with the best possible environment for your awakening.



Hymn Jay is the founder of Wake Circle. A spiritual teacher, shamanic facilitator, and medicine singer with an exquisite healing voice, his unique medicine music style has evolved over many years of facilitating shamanic ceremonies. He is a father, leader, and healer of the divine masculine energy. Having walked an earlier life path as an award-winning theatre director, he has since committed his energy to engender transformation through the healing power of shamanic plant medicines, story-healing, and sacred medicine music, guiding people back into connection with their higher power and greater purpose.



Simone Beckerling (Moni) is a legendary medicine woman and an experienced voyager of sacred plants wh0 has recently joined Wake Circle bringing with her a wealth of facilitation experience. Her journey began in 2002, climbing the mountains of Peru with a shaman, and traveling to Mapia, the heart of ayahuasca in Brazil. She has since walked an extraordinary path with the Santo Diame community. With her diverse experience of teaching plants and the purification of the sweat lodge and vision quest practice, she can co-create the synergy necessary to evoke the deep healing and holding the plants offer.  Her firm belief is that with the necessary holding, the light can enter where wounds can truly heal: ‘Aha Mitakuyasin, to all our relations, may we urgently heal so that compassion can arise everywhere for the sake of this planet and for the sake of all sentient beings.’



VENUE:  Malmesbury- Farm Estate


South African Residents: R6785 all incl.
International Participants: 7900  all incl.


For the veterans of our community, there is a staffing option if you feel deeply called to serve and assist with various roles such as fire keeping, kitchen and outside anchoring. There will be limited spaces for this depending on how many participants there are. You will be part of the entire 21-day journey including working with all the medicines and the post-processing journey but your focus will be in a serving and learning capacity. You will need to be an experienced journeyer to apply to staff.

(Please note that early booking is essential.)

If you are committed to attending the New Tribe, Old Eyes Retreat but have genuine financial constraints, we are committed to creating a plan that will facilitate your attendance.

Bookings for this event are through this email address only: info@wakecircle.com

If you feel called to be part of this tribe, we look forward to hearing from you.





July 19 @ 11:00 am
July 21 @ 11:00 am
R6785 – R7900

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