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Tiger Hymn- Sound & Breath-work Odyssey JHB

July 21, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Venue: Namaskar Wellness Hub (Lonehill) Johannessburg

Date: July 21

Time: 7-9pm

Bookings: info@wakecircle.com

Cost: R400 pp

The Tiger Hymn sacred Sound and Breath Odyssey is an extraordinary one/two hour experience facilitated by Heinrich Reisenhofer that features a unique combination of shamanic breathwork, sound journey meditation and guided sacred singing weaved into a powerful journey that best described as an healing odyssey of sound and emotion. Through its evolution over the last few years it has become a popular feature at holistic festivals, medicine retreats and conscious gatherings.

In this journey each person encounters themselves uniquely as they are guided into their inner spaces through powerful world medicine chants, songs, mantras and beautiful instruments that connects them both to the primal and the divine, the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, in a celebration of being alive.

Heinrich is a shamanic facilitator, story-healer and sacred singer with an exquisite healing voice and unique ancient sound evolved over many years facilitating plant-medicine ceremonies and sound journey’s. Through his sound and his skilful facilitation he holds a primal and  gentle space for you to safely drop into your being in order to shift, release or heal all that you need to.

In this nurturing space all is welcome, there is no wrong or right way to participate, you can choose to meditate, move your body, intuitively engage your primal voice or simply allow your body to float in an acoustic ocean of vocals, harmonium, drumming and sound bowls as you release all worries, stresses and connect to your heart centre. This is your time to switch off your busy mind, recharge, release, open your heart and be moved by the healing power of sacred music.​

You will need to bring:
Comfortable clothes to move in,
A yoga mat, pillow and cloth to cover you
 An eye mask or a comfortable blind fold as our focus is on sound and smell
For those who have never done plant medicine before, this is a powerful non-medicine introduction to the shamanic ceremony experience and the perfect way to dip your toes in the magical waters of shamanic practice. For more experienced journeyers, this is a powerful space to explore the depth of altered states and trance simply using breath and sound.




Wowwww, what a truly magnificent experience!!! The raw, primal growls, the tribal drumming, the high energy that swirls everywhere. It was energizing and soothing simultaneously. Felt like I had reconnected with myself through my senses. Definitely something I recommend experiencing!

‘Thank you every experience of this sound odyssey blows my mind, each one is different and today I felt I went deeper. Your voices and the space you create is sacred and safe and allows so much freedom. I didn’t care about being judged and I stopped judging my own voice as I joined in the harmony of song you unleash in us all❤️#lovethespace#peacefreedomsong#”

“It was PHENOMENAL. Blessings to you for holding the space as powerfully as you did. Your voice and guidance was just what the Soul needed. Thank you!!”

“What a beautiful experience this was, Thank you.! The space you created, the fun you brought to the sacred that was such a giving and receiving felt absolutely out of this world. It was a joy to be present and receive the blessings of your gifts. Namaste”

“The space created by Heinrich and all the participants is sacred, allowing us to unravel, travel within, connect with self and journey to higher vibrations. I loved receiving the generous sounds and adding mine too ♥”

” So much love in the room & the beautiful sounds from their voices & instruments. Great session for throat (self expression) & heart chakra (being able to let go). Thanks so much guys…will definitely be back!”

“Highly recommended! I experience so much clearing of old stuff at each session and know deep inside that it makes space for light to enter my life in the most unbelievably beautiful ways, be they human, animal and other energetic flows.”
J. P.

“Thank you so much for guiding us in this sacred space! I cannot wait for the next chapter in this story and I know we are going to experience soul and knowledge revival!”
​ R.K.

My appreciation to you Heinrich and Nathan for being so passionate & for providing such a safe space for my inner child to play & release stuff.

The most incredibly beautiful mind blowing experience last night at the Sound and Breath Journey. The sounds of the Magical instruments combined with the most wonderful singing and chanting were so powerful. Thank you for this sublime experience.

I took part in the one in Jan and it absolutely blew my mind – am so excited for the next one!!


July 21, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Namaskar Wellness Hub (Lonehill)



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