We are Circlers!

I was so deeply moved last night by our recent Wake Circle tribal check-in. I feel like I am witnessing something deeply profound in the making and evolution. This is the rising of a community, a tribe of genuine people that I feel so proud to walk amongst and stand next to. We are Circlers, people who really know how to hold space for each other. I call us Circlers because there needs to be a name to describe that special type of magnificent human being that shows up in our circles. Beautiful beings who are willing to show up in all their rawness, shame and vulnerability and wear it like the most beautiful jewellery ever made. How can one not feel so utterly safe to be yourself and just let it all hang out? We are Circlers. What a gift it is these days to be in the presence of people who are not sprouting their opinions, beliefs and concepts but who are willing to get out of their heads, drop into their hearts and talk about their deepest feelings and what is really going on in their lives. We are Circlers. We are not ‘Woke’ we do not indulge in the pretentiousness of our righteous judgements and wear it like pompous uniforms, we are rather present in our nakedness. There is no fronting here, we are Circlers.

What a privilege it is to be amongst genuine change makers and conscious activists who are making such a difference in the world whether it’s through their generative work or their family in seemingly impossible circumstance but still doing it anyway. How rare it is to find people willing to navigate a deep spiritual enquiry but also be fully present in the practical challenges of our daily existence and the affairs of this world. What a divine balance that is.  We are beings who consult with dragons, tigers, crows, ancestors and guides but still with our feet firmly planted in the muddy soil of life. There is no woohoo here, no fluffy cotton-wool light chasers pretending to be ascended with pasted smiles and glazed eyes. We are not using spirituality or the medicines to get stoned or high, we are instead awakened by it, we are invigorated by it. We face death, we face fear, we dance with our shadow, we ride our anxieties like a rollercoaster with our hands up in the air. We are here, present and in the thick of it all in the gruelling rigours of this existence. We showed up to life and the circle even when we felt resistance, when we rather wanted to check-out, or hide, distract ourselves or say ‘fuck you’ to the world, we showed up anyway. In doing so we liberated ourselves and we nourished each other if not just for another day or another week. 

We are Circlers, whole-hearted, full blooded, divine, fully expressed, perfectly flawed and absolutely in the game of life. With each person who drops their mask to share their deepest experiences, their trials and breakthroughs, their failures and victories we get to see ourselves reflected, we recognised the same one spirit that moves within us. We join our hands together in acknowledgment to say “I see god in you” There is such deeply profound love emitted from each being  that it burns like big blazing fire in the centre keeping us all warm. The circle becomes our refuge, a moment to breath deeply in relief, to feel some peace that we are not alone in facing the extremities of life. The circle is our sanctuary, it is our portal to divine. As we speak God, Great Spirit and all beings of the non physical listens intently hanging on our every word to the tales of our human adventure. 

This is what these circles are for me, it is a space worth building, protecting and nurturing. This is Wake Circle and it is sacred. Haux Haux. 

*For those who are interested- Wake Circle check-ins are powerful integration and healing circles that we hold under various themes. These circles are not open to the public; to join you must be initiated by attending one of our events so that you understand the process of holding space.

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